29 Amazing TED Cybersecurity Talks (2008 – 2020)

What’s This Post About? If you are a new visitor to our website then here’s what we do: we list a ton of information on Cybersecurity Conferences taking place around the world. With our interest in IT Security events, we thought it to be only logical to share some awesome Cybersecurity TED Talks that we …

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BSides | Interview with Jack Daniel

What Will You Learn From this Post? You’ll learn about Jack Daniel! Jack is a highly respected veteran in the Cybersecurity Community; You’ll learn why BSides is awesome and why you must get involved… What Is BSides? For those that don’t know, ‘Security BSides are ‘hacker conventions’ that provides a community-driven framework for information security …

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The Best Hacker Conferences of 2020

What Do We Mean By “Hacker Conferences”? You can think of a “Hacker Conference” as being a niche with IT Security Conferences and events, i.e. of the umbrella term “Cybersecurity Conferences”. Of course, it’s kinda obvious that a Hacker Conference will focus more on the nerdy and slightly more nefarious aspect of Computer & Network …

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Conference Visas For The USA, UK & India

How to Get A Visa When Attending Cyber Security Conferences in the US, UK or India In this day and age where everyone and everything is continually evolving, it is always a wise decision to look for ways to grow and progress – whether in your personal life or in your profession. Because of this, …

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Cyber Security: Fake News?

We publish and maintain a very large Cybersecurity Conference Directory and within that, there are dozens of events within InfoSec niches. This event, which is all about Cybersecurity and the concept of ‘Fake News’, caught our eye because of its’ contemporary appeal. ‘Fake News’ has been in the news pretty much non-stop and it is …

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How To Be A Confident Public Speaker

Imagine Everyone Naked You’ve likely heard that one before, or perhaps you’ve heard of speaking with pebbles in your mouth like Demosthenes. However, there’s more advice to give than just those old adages. Public speaking is a skill that everyone can master: and that’s the good news. Be Confident Be Honest Just to tell someone …

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How To Speak At A Cybersecurity Conference

What’s This Post About? This post will help you get speaking gigs at Cybersecurity Conferences. Update: This post used to have 3 methods on how to secure speaking gigs; it is now at 25 and growing! Speaking At A Conference Is Awesome For Your Career Anyone who is anyone within Cybersecurity has spoken at a …

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The First-Ever Hacker Cons!

What’s This Post About? This one’s for the old school. Important! If anyone has ever attended any of these events please drop a comment below – we’d love for you to reminisce and share your experience! HoHoCon (XmasCon) Summary Just look at the photo! (The photo above is of Jesse Dryden, co-founder of HoHoCon and a …

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The Best DEF CON Talks Of All Time!

What’s This Post All About? As the title of this post suggests we’ve sourced what we believe to be the best DEF CON presentations from 1993 to the present day. For those that don’t know, DEF CON is literally the ‘poster-child’ of ‘Hacker Conferences’. If you’ve landed on this page to discover more about DEF …

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We’ve Relaunched!

Wow! It’s been quite a journey. We started this Cybersecurity Conference Directory back in 2013 when the subject matter was just exploding. How Did We Get Started? In 2013 we were focusing our efforts on a InfoSec Training Business called “Concise Courses” and in our valiant attempt to get SEO and free traffic we launched …

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