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On average, we spend two hours and twenty-four minutes, on social media every day. Leverage this reality and get your event in-front of cybersecurity professionals via our 6,000-Member LinkedIn Group, Facebook Page and 12,000 Follower Twitter Feed.

Our Cybersecurity Custom Audience is an high-impact ad targeting option. The main benefit to this program is that you don’t have to guess who is going to see your ad. 

By using our pre-configured Cybersecurity Custom Audience, you can geo-target advertisements directly at cybersecurity professionals who have visited InfoSec-Conferences.com, enticing people to attend your Event while it is still fresh in their minds.

Geo-Targeted Static Banners:

Own a Country or State.

For example, if your cybersecurity event is being held in New York, then your static banner will appear ABOVE every event that we have listed in New York.

HTML Newsletter Promo:

We will send your HTML promotion to our engaged email list. Over 100,000+ infosec professionals have opted in to receive cybersecurity event alerts.

Social Media:

On average, we spend two hours and twenty-four minutes, on social media every day. Leverage this reality and get your event in-front of cybersecurity professionals via our 6,000-Member LinkedIn Group, Facebook Page and 12,000 Follower Twitter Feed.


After launching your campaign with InfoSec-Conferences.com your event will benefit from:

  • Faster Attendee Sales
  • Happier Sponsors
  • Predictable Marketing ROI

100’s of event organisers can attest to the value of working with InfoSec-Conferences.com:

We are the #1 ORGANIC search result for most geo-specific cybersecurity event search terms, which means you will receive qualified traffic.

We will deliver a lower attendee acquisition cost than Google, Facebook or LinkedIn… guaranteed.

You will save you a HUGE amount of time and effort. We’ve been at this for 10+ years and experience counts.

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testimonials from conference organizers

Listing our event at infosec-conferences.com has helped us raising awareness of our conference to a global audience
Ariel Jolo
We have used this site to list our conference in the past and it has been instrumental in getting the conference out there and generate interest in the event. The number of people visiting this site for more information on info-sec conference is quite staggering and this site is a great place to list your events!
Vishal Thakur
We have been listing our events with Infosec Conferences for a few years now and we are happy with it. The site is a great platform to share our cyber, fraud and risk events and brings us the traffic we need.
Akolade | Event organizer
Infosec-conferences.com gives us the visibility we need to promote our conferences.
Marius Göddert
Marketing Manager | KuppingerCole Analysts AG
Thank you InfoSec for helping us promote our security events year after year! We personally rely on InfoSec when looking to attend the hottest security events and we are so glad to be a part of your community.
Lisa Barksdale
Director of Marketing and Events Executive Alliance
Thank you so much for listing our conferences every year. Infosec-Conferences is the best site to search for cybersecurity-related events
Nitin Pandey
Chairman | National Information Security Council & Founder of Hackers Day
InfoSec Conferences is a great platform to profile conferences. SGG Global has been using this service for 3 years.
Christopher Gill
Commercial Development | SGG Global
Infosec-Conferences has been an awesome resource for tracking down interesting educational events to attend throughout my area, and it’s been a boon to our little team as we’ve started hosting our own community BSides to help get the word out to others.
Nicholas Carroll
Security Engineer | Capital City Cyber Defense Network
I love this site for all the events it lists. It is the most concise collection of security-related events I have seen. As an event host, I also appreciate the customer service, which is always easy and very helpful.
Mia Medeiros
Event Coordinator | Tech Regiment
infosec-conferences.com provides the best collection of ITSec confs. I do like it.
Attila Marosi-Bauer
Principal Threat Analyst | MRG Effitas
Super easy interface to use! It really helped me drive traffic to our site.
Matthew Curry
Senior Manager, Content Marketing | MAPI
This is a great platform to find out about all information security events. The platform is very simple to use for advertising your own events. Apart from that is free of charge.
Kristina Veliscek
Event organizer | INFOSEK Conference
We have been associated with ‘Infosec-Confernece.com’ from the last few years. Its a really amazing experience with their services, this platform helps us lot to promote our event across the globe and reach out to many new customer segments. Also, it’s a very useful directory to find the other infosec events happening in the industry. We highly recommend this platform to each and everyone who willing to explore the infosec happening around them. Keep doing great work, thanks!
Harshit Mahajan
Marketing Manager | Nullcon and hardwear.io
I found this website to be a useful tool for my event search and it helped us promote our own event in the right circles
Margarita Atlasova
Marketing Manager | Utimaco
Thank you for this service!! Since using it we have seen a 15% increase in attendance at our conference and an increase of attendees coming from outside our Central Florida region. This is a great tool to help small conferences advertise their events without having the expense of traditional marketing services.
Derrick Thomas
Amgen | BSides Tampa / (ISC)2 Tampa Bay Chapter
Perfect InfoSec Conference Listing.
Ahmed Bahaa
Co-Founder at Arab Security Conference
InfoSec-conferences.com has been great to get the word out about our regional events
Casey Yarbrough
Founder, Conference Organizer | Elevate Events, LLC
It has been great to partner with Infosec Conferences! They are very easy to work with and responsive and help drive attendees to our event. In addition, they elevate our conference within the infosec community. Thanks for a successful and continuing partnership!
John Johnson
Founder, Conference Organizer | CornCon
This is a great site to announce your event. It is at the top of google search results for top cyber security events in LATAM, and that is absolutely fantastic.
Edgar Rojas
Director | Tactical Edge
What a great resource for the cyber community!
Tom Scott
Executive Director | CyberUSA Conference
Many thanks for the listing! It’s great to have a resource for listing cybersecurity events.
Sarah Sennett
Marketing Campaign Manager | The IET
InfoSec Conferences has been a great platform to advertise our InfoSec dialogues for free. Especially with the Twitter retweets! And – it’s great that it’s free!
Georgia Went
Marketing & Events | Noord Group
InfoSec-Conferences is a wonderful platform to highlight your organization’s event to a targeted community of infosec, privacy, and security practitioners. It’s not often you find free resources willing to promote your event and ICIT is grateful for their support.
Parham Eftekhari
Executive Director | ICIT
Great directory for information security events and conferences!
Judy Saw
Country Manager | Wissen
Excellent method to organize and update community!
Chris Armstrong
Executive Director | ICIT
Thanks for the amazing platform.
Pratik Ghumade
nullcon | Payatu
It’s great to be listed on this website.
Mahesh Verma
Event Organizer | ISMG
InfoSec Conferences is a fantastic platform for SANS to list our training events and Summits to the cybersecurity community.
Gareth Banfield
Marketing Executive | SANS Institute
Great website with tons of value for those organizing events.
James Azar
Host of CyberHub Engage Podcast | CyberHub Summit
Info-Sec-conferences.com is one of the most full-fledged cybersecurity events sites on the net. We make sure to list all our events before we start our partnership campaign as it’s such a great foundation to start from.
Nathan Sharpe
Cyber Security & IIoT Director | Qatalyst Global
Very easy to use for organizers, no login and with all the necessary information for the event and it is quick and easy way to add new events.
Luigi Auriemma
Founder & CEO | REVULN
Infosec Conferences is a great way to publicize our grid cybersecurity events to a broad audience of professionals. Thanks, Henry!
Daniel Coran
Managing Director | Smart Grid Observer
Great site for lots of listings and information. Easy access to local events by city.
Brooke Howard
Director Of Marketing | Data Connectors
The most helpful and updated website for different events within cybersecurity happening around the globe. Extremely happy to have them as partners as they contribute hugely to the information security industry.
Galena Todorova
Marketing and Events Executive | RANT Events
Great database of the top conferences globally for cyber! Very useful.
Matthew Hammerstone
Marketing Manager | Encore Media Group
Nice and easy website. Easy to list event and secure.
Conference Organizer | MICE Quotient
Always a pleasure to work with this great resource. Before I founded my conference I was already using it!
John Hultquist
Conference Organizer CYBERWARCON | Fireeye
With the infosec-conferences conference listing, we have found that the web-reach of our events has increased, with attending delegates of our events advising that they’ve heard about the event from seeing it online, and a few even specifically referring to the Info-Sec site. It is truly a simple and (SUPER) cost-effective way of ensuring the market spread of the event’s reach is actually tangible.
Ryno van Ellewee
Managing Director | Trade Conferences International
Thanks to infosec-conferences.com, now our ‘KavaCon Seminar’ has international visibility, which has allowed us to increase the participation of attendees and the number of sponsoring companies.
Conference Organizer | KavaCon Paraguay
There are multiple reasons why I have listed my CSO events on the Infosec Conferences page, and this is because of the following: I get listed amongst some of the best events in the market and my brand is elevated out to market via a different channel I wouldn’t usually use. In addition, I get sponsorship requests through this site a dependant on the event topic I can generate quite a few registrations or requests for further information. I would advise any company with an event to list with Infosec-Conferences it can’t do any harm!!
Abigail Swabey
CSO Publisher & Senior Account Director | IDG
Infosec Conferences has been a useful resource to enable our global conference to be known globally.
Rufo Guerreschi
Trustless Computing Association | Trustless Computing Association
Infosec-conferences.com has been a helpful resource in spreading awareness of IT, tech, and cyber events we produce. Mr. Dalziel has always been easy to work with, and the platform’s flexibility and quick turnarounds have helped us craft the perfect message for our events.
Kevin Gilmore
Design Studio Manager | MC2 Experience
It’s really a good website to promote our conference. We get decent traffic, ticket sales and exposure from this directory. I ‘d like to also help you by linking to this website.
Zhang Hannah
Security Events Organizer | BIT Congress
Infosec conferences are one of the best sites to list Conferences. They deliver a very informative platform for people who look for quality events within the InfoSec space.
Conference Organizer | Corvus Global Events
Info-sec Conferences portal has events that are relevant to Emerging Technologies. You can find complete details of the event, which is really helpful to take the next step of contacting the organizer or even deciding to participate in the event. Keep up the good work. We need more sites like these to get to know the technology-based events happening around the world. Cheers!
Gazala Arshiya
Marketing Communications Manager | New Horizon
Very good site, it has allowed us to gain more delegates and very easy and simple to use.
Tara Brook
Event Admin Executive | Rela8 Group
Infosec-Conferences event submission option is amazing for increasing your events’ reach and is absolutely perfect for smaller organizations that don’t actually have a budget to dispense on marketing aims. The format in order to assist in loading is perfect and easy to use and makes any marketer’s life easier.
Sicelo Siyangaphi
Conference Organizer | Trade Conferences International
Very cool service guys!
Marzio Consolandi
Software Developer | BITM

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