Best Finsec Events & Conferences 2020 – 2021

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Henry Dalziel, Co-Founder InfoSec Conferences

– C|EH, Security+, MSc Marketing Management;
– Cybersecurity Pro & Growth Hacker
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FinSec, the security derivative of FinTech, is a crucial part to finance. Without security we have nothing. If you work in the financial industry then I hope that you can benefit and participate in the FinSec events and conferences that I’ve listed below.

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The following FinSec conferences are the ones that I have identified of being of particular interest to our community. I will be amending this list as the year progresses and notable FinSec events are submitted to our directory.

Title of Finsec Security EventCountry
Monterey Threat Financing ForumUnited States
8.8 Security Conference BrazilBrazil
Bank Security ConferenceUnited States
Digital Banking ForumNetherlands
NRS Fall Compliance ConferenceUnited States
Fraud and Financial Crime USAUnited States
InfoSec Finance Connect 2020United States
Data and the Future of Financial ServicesUnited Kingdom

My Recommended FinSec Conferences 2020 – 2021

Monterey Threat Financing Forum

2020 Conference Date

September 16th, 2020
This Event is Now Over
United States
2020 Event Link (More Info)

Conference Summary

The Monterey Threat Financing Forum is one of the more interesting FinTech (FinSec) conferences in my roundup.

The reason I say that is because the organizers (Middlebury Institute) have created a fascinating event that examines cybercrime and finance.

The concept here is to “follow the money”, i.e. to follow the crime trail which many criminals leave in their wake. This financial Cybersecurity conference therefore connects the public sector with the private. For example, the conference includes speakers from the FBI that share their tactics that in turn will help private sector institutions keep up with the latest techniques for detecting and tracing the transactions of bad actors.

The Monterey Threat Financing Forum, therefore, provides an excellent opportunity for the public sector and private sector to come together to examine these latest security threats, and how to protect against them.

When I checked their site in 2020 their upcoming conference was an “in-person” event so please check that before for obvious reasons.

8.8 Security Conference Brazil

2020 Conference Date

November 23rd, 2020
59 Days Until The Event
2020 Event Link (More Info)

Conference Summary

As ever, I like to spread the reach of events around the world, and since we’re on the subject of FinTech Conferences (and security) this event in Brazil, 8.8 seems to me to be a happy mix of hacker-ish content with serious high-brow subject matter.

Previous years have included Cloud Security, Cryptography, Cybercrime, Forensics, IoT, and specifically to this post: FinSec content. So, if you’re seeking a FinSec/FinTech conference in LATAM, specifically Brazil, then here’s your chance! Be sure to check out their event this and next year.

Bank Security Conference

2020 Conference Date

October 20th, 2020
25 Days Until The Event
United States
2020 Event Link (More Info)

Conference Summary

The “Bank Security Conferences” covers exactly what it implies: “Bank Security”

This financial-tech conference in the US addresses the fact that in today’s world, one of the highest percentage of cyber attacks continues to be identity theft.

Attending an event like this help you by learning about insights and new defensive strategies.

In 2020 we saw a huge rise in cybercrime (see an Interpol report here), and if you work within the financial/security space then this conference would help you better protect and defend your organization against cyber attacks and threats.

Digital Banking Forum

2020 Conference Date

October 22nd, 2020
27 Days Until The Event
2020 Event Link (More Info)

Conference Summary

Living and working in Central Europe/DACH region and specialize in financial security? If so then make sure you enter this event in your diary: Digital Banking Forum in the Netherlands.

As ever with everything in 2020, make sure that the event is going ahead or is virtual.

Attending this FinTech conference, according to the organizers, will provide you with the latest threats and trends that the banking community are facing.

Other subject-matter financial-data protection and mobile banking.

NRS Fall Compliance Conference

2020 Conference Date

October 26th, 2020
31 Days Until The Event
United States
2020 Event Link (More Info)

Conference Summary

This event is aimed squarely at Compliance professionals.

If you are an investment adviser, broker-dealer, fintech specialist, or hedge fund manager then this event would be of interest. The event is currently listed as being an “in-person” event but please double-check that that remains to be the case.

Fraud and Financial Crime USA

2020 Conference Date

September 28th, 2020
3 Days Until The Event
United States
2020 Event Link (More Info)

Conference Summary

The Fraud and Financial Crime conference is clearly targeted at those that work with Cybercrime, forensics and of course FinTech/FinSec.

You can consider this financial conference as being one of the largest cybercrime events in the US; I’ve included it in this resource because of course Cybercrime and “Finance” certainly go together.

Financial risk professionals would have the most to benefit from attending this conference by learning APT’s affecting the financial industry.

The event covers more content than just “cyber-related financial crime”. For example, expect subject-matter like:

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Banking cannabis (!)
  • Cyber risks

And more!

InfoSec Finance Connect 2020

2020 Conference Date

July 12th, 2020
This Event is Now Over
United States
2020 Event Link (More Info)

Conference Summary

The InfoSec Finance Connect is an “invitation-only conference bringing c-level executives from top financial banking sectors to share and gain insights on the “most recent cybersecurity approaches and risks in the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape”.

Sounds good to us and certainly deserves a spot in our “Best Financial Conferences” resource.

Data and the Future of Financial Services

2020 Conference Date

January 22nd, 2020
This Event is Now Over
United Kingdom
2020 Event Link (More Info)

Conference Summary

They say that life can only be understood backward, but it must be lived forwards – fortunately, this conference aims to readdress that quote by predicting the future of financial services.

Attending this event, according to the organizers will let you understand how better to examine and analyze security data related to the financial industry.

The event emphasizes that they’ll place focus on using real-life cybercrime case studies and the best solutions to use in the collection and sharing of sensitive financial data.

If you’re based in London then we’d highly recommend this event.

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