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Machine Learning (ML) is fascinating and coupled with Artificial Intelligence is the future. The inherent necessity of security is integral to Machine Learning. The subject-matter is constantly changing and I hope that my list of conferences helps you with your learning curve and journey.

This list of recommended Machine Learning events will be updated accordingly as the year progresses. We are seeing more of them being submitted so as and when notable conferences do appear I’ll be sure to add them.

About This List

As the year progresses, we will add more recommended activities for the next year; usually, this is determined by conferences submitted to our directory.

If you work in this vital area, I highly urge you to attend these events. You must attend any of these activities.

Our Recommend Machine Learning Conferences & Events


ML Conference Singapore 2020Singapore
Applied Machine Learning & AI (ML & AI)United Kingdom
Codemotion RomeItaly
Cyber Security Africa SummitZimbabwe
Black Hat Europe 2020United Kingdom
AWS Re:Invent 2020United States
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (PHLAI)United States
Autonomous Mobile Machines ConferenceGermany
International Conference on Emerging NetworksJapan
AI&ML for the Smart GridUnited Kingdom


Machine Learning 2021United Kingdom
5th International Symposium on Cyber Security Cryptology and Machine Learning (CSCML) 2021Israel
2nd International Conference on Machine learning and Cloud Computing (MLCL) 2021Switzerland

My Recommended Machine Learning Conferences 2020 – 2021

Machine Learning 2021

July 29th, 2021
This Event is Now Over
United Kingdom
More Info & Event Link

Conference Summary

A fascinating virtual event located in London that will cover a wide range of Machine Learning concepts and techniques, as well as other useful information.

5th International Symposium on Cyber Security Cryptology and Machine Learning (CSCML) 2021

July 8th, 2021
This Event is Now Over
More Info & Event Link

Conference Summary

The Symposium is an international gathering of researchers and practitioners involved in the theory, architecture, study, implementation, or application of cyber security, cryptography, and machine learning systems and networks, with an emphasis on conceptually novel outcomes.

2nd International Conference on Machine learning and Cloud Computing (MLCL) 2021

May 22nd, 2021
This Event is Now Over
More Info & Event Link

Conference Summary

The 2nd International Conference on Machine Learning and Cloud Computing (MLCL) 2021 will provide an excellent international forum for exchanging information and findings in Machine Learning and Cloud Computing theory, methodology, and implementations. The conference’s aim is to bring together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to explore and share cutting-edge advances in the field.

✓ Previously Recommended In 2020
ML Conference Singapore 2020
September 8th, 2020

• Past Review •

Singapore hosts a ton of Cybersecurity Conferences every year, indeed in all of APAC, Singapore certainly leads the way in many aspects of InfoSec. Hong Kong I’d say is second in terms of Cyber companyincorporations and events.

This Singaporean event is part of a series managed by ML Conferences. If Machine-Learning is your thing and you’re a professional in the APAC region then this is for you. Hear from seasoned professionals regarding important cutting-news on for example which libraries, models, methods, services, and algorithms to use.

The speakers will also, according to the organizers of this ML Conference, share the “best war stories of training cutting edge machine learning algorithms”. So, again, if ML is your thing then clearly this is an event for you.

✓ Previously Recommended In 2020
Applied Machine Learning & AI (ML & AI)
September 23rd, 2020
United Kingdom

• Past Review •

Whitehall organizes a bunch of IT security events every year, and this one is specifically designed for participants to have a better understanding of how to plan for AI. Attending this London, UK event, will certainly help you to identify which business elements require adoption, and how to adapt related technologies to AI capabilities.

Whitehall are a reputable conference organizer and I’d strongly suggest that you go check out their events for 2021 and next year.

✓ Previously Recommended In 2020
Codemotion Rome
November 27th, 2020

• Past Review •

I try and mix the geographical locations for all our “Best Of” series and this one in Rome has some pertinent info relating to all industries within Cybersecurity.

Important to this particular ML Conferences resource, I’d hang my hat on saying that this event will cover ML content and if you work in the ML/AI space then go check out the event.

Codemotion Rome is an event attended mostly by developers (DevOps and SecOps) who want to develop or learn new skills.

As one of the largest tech conferences in Europe, I’ve highlighted this event as having a strong likelihood of having Machine Learning content. Programming ML is of course part of the subject-matter so it’s likely again that ML as well as AI will be a prominent feature of the talks this year and next.

✓ Previously Recommended In 2020
Cyber Security Africa Summit
November 26th, 2020

• Past Review •

In the spirit of trying to cover every geographical region of our planet, I’ve also included InfoSec Africa Planet.

The organizers have advertised the fact that their event has over 50 sessions that include topics relating to IoT, AI, Blockchain, Cybersecurity and of interest to us: Machine Learning!

Consider this conference as a “must-attend event” for those working in Africa and related to any of the above subject-matters. This conference attracts top tech security leaders, entrepreneurs, and IT innovators who will be present to network and help share up the future in Africa.

✓ Previously Recommended In 2020
Black Hat Europe 2020
November 9th, 2020
United Kingdom

• Past Review •

Black Hat Europe (as well as Asia and the US) is attended by thousands of InfoSec professionals from all around the world. I’ve added this event because it is highly likely that it will cover a bunch of ML content.

✓ Previously Recommended In 2020
AWS Re:Invent 2020
November 30th, 2020
United States

• Past Review •

Hosted by one of the largest companies around the world, this Amazon event is a platform where the cloud computing community as well as other ML technology will be gathered.

This conference will feature keynote presentations, training, certification, and access to over 2,000 sessions – so yes surely there will be some ML content and subject matter embedded in there!

A lot of pioneering ML tech and programs will run on AWS hence why I’d reconned and encourage you to learn more about this annual event that is aimed at developers and engineers so if you’re working in that field, this will be an awesome event.

✓ Previously Recommended In 2020
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (PHLAI)
October 28th, 2020
United States

• Past Review •

Organized by Comcast Labs, this year’s PHLAI event is themed “Protect with Zero Trust”.

This conference, which I suspect was virtual in 2020, was designed to help attendees gain the most recent “insights on techniques, controls, and emerging solutions in a friendly environment”, all within an ML perspective. This US event is certainly worth consideration.

✓ Previously Recommended In 2020
Autonomous Mobile Machines Conference
June 29th, 2020

• Past Review •

The title of this German-based conference sums up perfectly what it is all about.

If you have association within the industry and work in DACH then clearly this event would be of interest.

In 2020, the conference had over 100 attendees and 30 speakers that all gathered in one place to discuss the new technical innovations and challenges regarding Machine Learning. If you have any role with regards to sensor fusion, computer vision, deep learning, and perception technologies, then this event would be particularly useful to attend!

✓ Previously Recommended In 2020
International Conference on Emerging Networks Technologies (ICENT)
September 22nd, 2020

• Past Review •

This Japanese event is (by my estimations) aimed at researchers, practitioners, and professionals from the government and academia.

The event in 2020 contained a bunch of Machine Learning content so it’s likely that that will be repeated every year.

✓ Previously Recommended In 2020
AI&ML for the Smart Grid
September 8th, 2020
United Kingdom

• Past Review •

We also cover this event in our “Best AI Conferences” round up here.

As stated on the other listing, we’re big fans of SmartGrid and can vouch for the depth and quality of their talks and speakers and this one has a clear focus on Machine Learning.

If you’re located in London, UK, and work within the Machine Learning space then there would be no excuse not to attend!

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