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Social Engineering is fascinating. The scary thing about the Social Engineering security threat is that the “Social Engineer” doesn’t really need highly advanced technical skills, rather, you just need to be confident and trick people. As long as you give the impression you ought to be doing what you’re doing the chances are that you’ll get away with it.

I’ve seen an increase in the amount of Social Engineering events and webinars being added to our directory and for good reason: it’s an exploding (con) art-form and every year we’re seeing increasingly sophisticated hacks being deployed through the usage of social engineering.

In this post, I list out the best Social Engineering conferences and events that I can find that are within our security directory. I’ll be adding to this list throughout 2021, but suffice to say that the ones listed below can be considered as being “must-attend” events if you’re a security professional in any of the countries listed below.

An example of a major Social Engineering hack would be the “2020 Twitter bitcoin scam”. Pretty amazing stuff really and further validates the need to share knowledge and best-practices to be safe from Social Engineering.

This list of conferences is in constant flux as new and notable Social Engineering events and conferences are submitted to our directory.

About This List

As the year progresses, we will add more recommended activities for the next year; usually, this is determined by conferences submitted to our directory.

If you work in this vital area, I highly urge you to attend these events. You must attend any of these activities.

Our Recommend Social Engineering Conferences & Events


The Human Hacking ConferenceUnited States
Behavioural Analysis 2020United Kingdom
Cybersecurity Leadership Summit 2020Germany
Rocky Mountain Information Security Conference (RMISC)United States
THD Security ConferenceEcudaor
8.8 Security Conference BoliviaBolivia
Arab Security ConferenceEgypt
Breaking Security Awareness Virtual ConferenceUnited States
Layer 8 ConferenceUnited States
NolaCon 2020United States


Human Hacking ConferenceUnited States
DeepSec In-Depth Security Conference 2021Austria
SANS Open-Source Intelligence Summit 2021United States

Human Hacking Conference

March 11th, 2021
This Event is Now Over
United States
More Info & Event Link

Conference Summary

The Human Hacking Conference, once considered a flagship educational event in the security industry and sought-after by America’s top companies and law enforcement agencies is now being presented by the Social Engineering Village (SEVillage), which was once flagged by the FBI and the US banking industry as a possible national security threat.

DeepSec In-Depth Security Conference 2021

November 16th, 2021
22 Days Until The Event
More Info & Event Link

Conference Summary

DeepSec is a non-product, non-vendor-biased conference, according to our website. Simply put, the subjects explored at DeepSec are all about reality, not commercials. The organizers are looking for honest talks about security!

SANS Open-Source Intelligence Summit 2021

February 11th, 2021
This Event is Now Over
United States
More Info & Event Link

Conference Summary

The Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Summit will bring together top security experts and investigators to share tried-and-true strategies and methods for collecting and analyzing OSINT. As a participant, you can hear from law enforcement agents, private investigators, pen testers, and cyber defenders about new, real-world approaches.

✓ Previously Recommended In 2020
Behavioural Analysis 2020
October 6th, 2020
United Kingdom

• Past Review •

Behavioural Analysis is a UK InfoSec event that lasts for two days and explores a ton of useful content that also focuses on Social Engineering.

The event organizers of Behavioural Analysis cover a lot of ground. Including:

  • How hostile or criminal intent can be identified;
  • The power of identification when executed via behavioural indicators;
  • An examination into tactical risk analysis and non-racial profiling techniques

Non-racial profiling is something that is very much in the public eye at the moment and for all the right reasons. If you work with any form of surveillance, privacy, or risk-prevention then this event would be of interest.

✓ Previously Recommended In 2020
Cybersecurity Leadership Summit 2020
November 9th, 2020

• Past Review •

I’ve flagged the Cybersecurity Summit Leadership event as having significant social engineering content.

The organizers of this event highlight the fact that delegates will gain vital knowledge on emerging trends which will also include Social Engineering. If you’re interested in attending this event in 2021 then I’d suggest you make sure that they have a bunch of Social Engineering content in it.

✓ Previously Recommended In 2020
THD Security Conference
April 16th, 2020

• Past Review •

This Ecuadorian conference discusses responsibility for information security, demonstrates weakness, and explores information technology in general, its consequences, and challenges worldwide. If your working in LATAM and have an interest in Social Engineering events then this might be one to check out.

✓ Previously Recommended In 2020
Arab Security Conference
September 6th, 2020

• Past Review •

The Arab Security Conference provides locals in the MENA and GCC region an opportunity to learn in a “hands-on” fashion about the recent Cybersecurity trends & make new connections with professionals from around the world.

✓ Previously Recommended In 2020
Breaking Security Awareness Virtual Conference
June 25th, 2020
United States

• Past Review •

Attendees who attend full sessions will be able to earn up to 5 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits, depending on which certifying body the credits are being submitted to.

I’ve flagged this event as having Social Engineering content so please be sure to validate that when it comes round again.

✓ Previously Recommended In 2020
The Human Hacking Conference
February 20th, 2020
United States

• Past Review •

Sevillage is an all-encompassing training event.

The event is designed to teach students the latest techniques being deployed by hackers with regards to human deception as well as an exploration into “visual communication analysis, cognitive agility, intelligence research, and security best practices.”

Clearly, if you’re a Social Engineer, or require knowledge of this discipline, then this event in the US would be of significant interest.

✓ Previously Recommended In 2020
Rocky Mountain Information Security Conference (RMISC)
June 9th, 2020
United States

• Past Review •

The Rocky Mountain Information Security Conference (RMISC), as far as I can tell is the only security conference in the Rocky Mountain region. The organizers categorized their event under Social Engineering so I’m sure the subject-matter will surface.

✓ Previously Recommended In 2020
8.8 Security Conference Bolivia
September 11th, 2020

• Past Review •

Staying in LATAM, the 8.8 Computer Security Conference is a 100% technical and “hands-on” event that will almost certainly cover and have elements of Social Engineering within its’ content.

The organizers of 8.8 state that their main objective is to share information, democratize knowledge and create community. 8.8 is, as far as I can tell, the only hacker conference of this type in Chile and one of the most recognized on the continent because it goes beyond theoretical aspects. This is certainly a highly-recommended event.

✓ Previously Recommended In 2020
Layer 8 Conference
June 6th, 2020
United States

• Past Review •

The Layer8 Conference has specific content on social engineering and intelligence gathering, and if you work within this space then this conference would come highly recommended.

✓ Previously Recommended In 2020
NolaCon 2020
September 4th, 2020
United States

• Past Review •

This meetup is an Information Security/Hacker conference aimed at professionals and enthusiasts alike located in New Orleans, offering training also interesting and inventive talks and workshops. These talks often cover Social Engineering so if you’re located it that part of the world then give them a visit!

Executive Summary

I’ve flagged these events as having Social Engineering content within them but there may be more, please check in the appropriate section of our directory.

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