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In this resource, I’ll be populating our “recommended” (mostly) UK-Government Level organized Cyber Security events and conferences. Owing to the nature of these events some will, of course, be invite-only but the majority of the conferences that will be placed within this resource are open to the public.

I’ve also created a list with some of the best US Government Cybersecurity conferences. If you want to get even more granular then you might be interested in our recommended Cyber Warfare Cybersecurity Conferences list.

Whilst most of these are aimed at Cybersecurity Professionals I’d suggest that they are mostly conferences aimed at CISO, CSO’s, and other Senior Level Cyber Pro’s. Incidentally, we have a resource that lists a bunch of recommended Senior-Level Cybersecurity Conferences.

About This List

As the year progresses, we will add more recommended activities for the next year; usually, this is determined by conferences submitted to our directory.

If you work in this vital area, I highly urge you to attend these events. You must attend any of these activities.

Our Recommend UK Conferences & Events

✓ Previously Recommended In 2020
Government IT Security Conference (GovSec)
September 23rd, 2020
United Kingdom

• Past Review •

One of the important events in the UK where it will help the UK government how to secure information in a fast-changing environment. This will teach participants on how to detect and defend against cyber attacks quickly.

✓ Previously Recommended In 2020
Cranfield University Cyber Symposium
January 28th, 2020
United Kingdom

• Past Review •

They are one of the biggest UK provider of masters-level graduates in engineering and offer a flagship MBA. They organized a cybersecurity event that will discuss the impact of cybersecurity across the span of military activity such as security, training, operations, and education. Future challenges and how to solve them will also be tackled by participants from across the cybersecurity and defense sector.

✓ Previously Recommended In 2020
May 26th, 2020

• Past Review •

CyCon is co-organized by the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence.

Whilst not being a “strictly UK Government Cyber Security Event” I added CyCon because of the obvious close ties the UK has with NATO.

This is a major event for many (especially European) InfoSec professionals. CyCon is now entering into its’ second decade and during that time the conference has firmly established itself as a leading multidisciplinary security conference and community-building event for infosec professionals from around the world.

CyCon is also particularly noted for high standards of academic research; and there will likely be NATO/UK Cybersecurity Policy directive research as well.

✓ Previously Recommended In 2020

• Past Review •

CYBERUK is the UK Cybersecurity Government Flagship event.

Highly recommended for those working at a national InfoSec level. The conference will be taken place in Wales in 2021.

2,500 delegates are expected in 2021 (COVID-permitting). The main focus according to the UK Government “National Cyber Security Centre” is to showcase the United Kingdom as a leader within cyber resilience.

There are multiple benefits in attending, not least that you’ll have the opportunity to network with peers in the industry who likely are all experiencing the same difficulties and challenges resulting from COVID-19 throughout 2020.

✓ Previously Recommended In 2020
SPIE – Security + Defence Digital Forum 2020
September 21st, 2020
United Kingdom

• Past Review •

Whilst not a “UK Government-Level” cyber conference I’ve included this event because of its’ focus on the Security abd Defence sectors.

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