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Web application security is central to the operations of any online business, eCommerce site, or indeed anything at all that’s online. The ubiquitous nature of the Internet means that hackers can discover vulnerabilities and attack weak points. I generalize greatly but in essence, the importance of securing your web app is obvious. Attending a conference, virtual, or “in-person” is clearly key to your success as a software developer or programmer.

In this post, like all the others in our “best-of” series is a mix of all the events that we’ve found in our directory for this year.

Like all other security events in 2021, the majority of all conferences including Web Application events (DevOps/SecOps) were all converted to virtual.

So far, I’ve identified none, but don’t worry, this section will be populated with events as the year rolls on. Typically by Q1 2021, this section will get filled up!

These are the events that I’ve flagged as being the “Best Web Application Security Events of 2020”. We’d like to extend our thanks to the organizers for having (for the most part) submitted their events to our directory and also to wish them the best of luck for 2021 and beyond.

This list will be updated as new and notable Web App conferences are submitted to our directory.

About This List

As the year progresses, we will add more recommended activities for the next year; usually, this is determined by conferences submitted to our directory.

If you work in this vital area, I highly urge you to attend these events. You must attend any of these activities.

Our Recommend Web Application Conferences & Events

2021 Recommended Events

IT-SECPRO 2021Norway
SANS Open-Source Intelligence Summit 2021United States
OWASP Global AppSec DublinIreland
SecTalks: Leading with GRIT in Security 2021United States
DEF 2 SEC 2021India
Check Point Experience (CPX 360) 2021United States
MorterueloCON 2021Spain
NULLCON 2021India
Python Web Conference 2021United States
T2.FI 2021Finland
DeepSec In-Depth Security Conference 2021Austria

My Recommended Web App Conferences 2020 – 2021


February 1st, 2021
This Event is Now Over
More Info & Event Link

Conference Summary

This is one of the premier Cybersecurity events taking place in Norway. If you’re a security professional in Norway then we’d certainly recommend that you attend IT-SECPRO.

We’ve included this conference into our Web Application Security conferences recommended list because of the emphasis on offensive and defensive methodologies that will be shared at this conference. Be sure to check them out in the link provided above!

SANS Open-Source Intelligence Summit 2021

February 11th, 2021
This Event is Now Over
United States
More Info & Event Link

Conference Summary

SANS put on a lot of security mini-events every year – most of them are security training events.

I’ve happily included this Web Security Conference (“Application Security”) because of its’ emphasis on Open-Source Intelligence.

This (OSINT) Summit brings together leading security experts and investigators that will share proven methodologies and tools that can be applied to collecting OSINT data for analysis. This is useful because OSINT is part of the Web Application Process, i.e. understanding what’s out there and what’s been looked at for vulnerabilities by hackers is all-important to know.

OWASP Global AppSec Dublin 2021

February 15th, 2021
This Event is Now Over
More Info & Event Link

Conference Summary

I’ve added this event because it’s by OWASP.

Frankly, I could have included any of their dozens of security events but I added this one to share some love for security events in Ireland!

For those working with any niche with SecOps and DecSecOps then events like this are extremely helpful.

All OWASP events – here’s a list – are highly recommended for security professionals involved with any type of penetration or defensive responsibilities.

I’ve also added the OWASP Foundation in our Cybersecurity Companies list.

SecTalks: Leading with GRIT in Security 2021

February 18th, 2021
This Event is Now Over
United States
More Info & Event Link

Conference Summary

This one-day virtual security conference (as most conferences of course were in 2020 and 2021) brings together InfoSec security experts to share lessons learned from previous years in order to help guide and share advice for strategies for the coming year.

To assist CXO’s and penetration testers and similar professions within Cybersecurity the organizers focus on robust security strategies that place emphasis on experience from pentesters, consumers, and industry leaders.

Highly recommended event.

DEF 2 SEC 2021

February 24th, 2021
This Event is Now Over
More Info & Event Link

Conference Summary

The aim of the conference is to provide students with industry-based career advice for those who want to pursue a career in Cyber Security and Information Security – especially within a practitioner role which is what Web App Security is all about.

The participants will be able to comprehend a variety of career roadmaps and security certification guidance and advice that will assist them in surviving in the security field.

Check Point Experience (CPX 360) 2021

February 23rd, 2021
This Event is Now Over
United States
More Info & Event Link

Conference Summary

We all, as a result of Covid and the pandemic, learned how to adapt after a sudden shift to remote working.

Your cybersecurity strategies, of course, had to evolve as well. This virtual event will provide valuable information on defending against the latest vulnerabilities through dynamic sessions led by Checkpoint’s world-class experts and partners.

We’re huge fans of Checkpoint and they are a much-valued client of ours for our Call For Papers Speaking service.

MorterueloCON 2021

February 26th, 2021
This Event is Now Over
More Info & Event Link

Conference Summary

More than 1000 people from different fields are expected to attend, including cybersecurity students and professors (of modules and universities), professionals and businesses in the field, curious computer scientists, and more.

There are several niches covered in this security conference in Spain – with Web Application security being one of them.


September 23rd, 2021
54 Days Until The Event
More Info & Event Link

Conference Summary

Nullcon is a security conference held every year in Goa, India.

The conference’s main goal is to show off the latest offensive and defensive security technologies out there – and for that reason, I added them into our recommended Web Application Security conferneces list.

The organizers gladly welcome researchers and hackers from all over the world that are working on the next big thing in security, and they encourage everyone to submit their latest findings!

If this event isn’t yet over and you want to apply to be a speaker at their event go ahead and hit the link above and apply.

Python Web Conference 2021

March 24th, 2021
This Event is Now Over
United States
More Info & Event Link

Conference Summary

The Web Application Security conference is an event rammed full of tutorials, and two days of security talks, and countless opportunities to mingle and communicate through virtual cocktails, online gaming, and web-based board games comprise the highly engaging format!

Sounds good to me and that’s why I added this event.

Only registered attendees will have access to the speeches and post-event recordings so if you’re interested in that make sure that you register.

T2.FI 2021

May 6th, 2021
This Event is Now Over
More Info & Event Link

Conference Summary

The security themes range from advanced vulnerability research and exploit development to offensive tactics that do not require vulnerabilities, defensive strategies, and enterprise security, lessons learned from responding to security problems, hardware security, or development.

DeepSec In-Depth Security Conference 2021

November 16th, 2021
108 Days Until The Event
More Info & Event Link

Conference Summary

The organizers state clearly that they are unbiased and adhere to their principles: i.e. that they will consider submitting a subject for one of their conferences if it is interesting and important.

Executive Summary

We list dozens of security conferences every year that take place around the world and I hope that my hand picked series of events for Web Application security events are of interest.

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