World Congress on Internet Security (WorldCIS)

 December 9th, 2019 - December 11th, 2019 

The World Congress on Internet Security (WorldCIS) is an international refereed conference dedicated to the advancement of the theory and practical implementation of security on the Internet and Computer Networks. The inability to properly secure the Internet, computer networks, protecting the Internet against emerging threats and vulnerabilities, and sustaining privacy and trust has been a … Read more

AWS Re:Invent

 December 2nd, 2019 - December 6th, 2019 

Hosted by Amazon Web Services, AWS re:Invent is a learning conference for the global cloud computing community. The conference features keynote announcements, training and certification opportunities, access to more than 2,000 technical sessions, a partner expo, after-hours events, and a lot more.

International Conference on Information Security Practice and Experience (ISPEC)

 November 26th, 2019 - November 28th, 2019 

The 15th International Conference on Information Security Practice and Experience (ISPEC 2019) will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on November 26-28, 2019. The conference will be organised by Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR). The main goal of the conference is to promote research on new information security technologies, including their applications and their integration … Read more

International Conference on System Reliability and Safety (ICSRS)

 November 20th, 2019 - November 22nd, 2019 

In the past 3 years, ICSRS was held in large capital cities, such as Paris, Milan, Barcelona. Based on the previous success, 2019 4th International Conference on System Reliability and Safety (ICSRS 2019) will be held during November 20-22, 2019 in Rome, Italy. ICSRS 2019 aims to provide a high level international forum to bring … Read more

International Conference on Communication and Network Security (ICCNS)

 November 15th, 2019 - November 17th, 2019 

The event has the goal to be an annual conference for researchers, academicians and industry persons in the field of Computer Science. It will be organized in Chongqing, China during November 15-17, 2019. We hope that this conference will attract a large number of delegates from all over the world and will consist of very … Read more

Central European Cybersecurity Conference (CECC)

 November 15th, 2019 - November 16th, 2019 

The third Central European Cybersecurity Conference – CECC 2019 aims at establishing a venue for the exchange of information on cybersecurity and its many aspects between academics and practitioners in central Europe. CECC 2019 encourages the dialogue between researchers of technical and social aspects of cybersecurity, both crucial in attaining adequate levels of cybersecurity. Complementary … Read more

CLEAR Cyber Leaders Conference

 November 12th, 2019 - November 13th, 2019 Recommended Event

A new conference which focuses on Cybersecurity, Law, Education and Applied Research in the North Central Region. Listen to full papers, lightning talks and panel discussion which explores popular and/or controversial issues in cyber security law, education, and applied research.

Latin-American Symposium on Dependable Computing (LADC)

 November 5th, 2019 - November 7th, 2019 

LADC is the major Latin-American event on computer system dependability. The LADC 2019 program will present technical sessions, workshops, tutorials, fast abstracts, keynote talks from international experts in the area and an industrial track. The symposium scope includes recent research results on software and system dependability. The Symposium is promoted by the CE-TF – Special … Read more

3rd Annual CyberSecurity International Symposium

 November 4th, 2019 - November 5th, 2019 

According to the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and McAfee, cybercrime currently costs the world almost $600 billion each year, or 0.8% of global GDP – up from almost $500 billion in 2014. Research firm Cybersecurity Ventures estimates that the global cost of cybercrime will grow from $3 trillion in 2015 to $6 … Read more

Conference on Decision and Game Theory for Security (GameSec)

 October 30th, 2019 - November 1st, 2019 

As we close the second decade of the 21st century, modern societies are becoming dependent on information, automation, and communication technologies more than ever. Managing the security of the emerging systems, many of them safety critical, poses significant challenges. The 10th Conference on Decision and Game Theory for Security focuses on protection of heterogeneous, large-scale … Read more

Code Blue

 October 29th, 2019 - October 30th, 2019 

CODE BLUE is an international conference where the world’s top class information security specialists gather to give cutting edge talks, and is a place for all participants to exchange information and interact beyond borders and languages. CODE BLUE will be inviting well-known researchers from all over the world to share their latest findings, as well … Read more

BitUp2019 Conference

 October 26th, 2019  

We are a community of cybersecurity students that every year we organize an event for and for students; Therefore, in the selection of the papers, we will give priority to students. Remember that you can also attach any talk or event in which you have participated and / or previously collaborated, because it will be … Read more

Glasgow Calendonian Cyber Convention

 October 19th, 2019  

The organizers of the conference wants to hear from brand new speakers, seasoned speakers, and everyone in between! They are now open to submissions on a wide range of information security and privacy topics. Listed below are few of the topic suggestions: Network security. Web Application security. Mobile security. Cloud computing. Forensics / Malware. Embedded … Read more

International Trade & Academic Research Conference (ITARC)

 October 14th, 2019 - October 15th, 2019 

The dynamics of international trade have taken on an added significance in the light of the ramifications of the 2008 global financial crisis. Entire sectors and even nations have begun to reassess their trading relationships and the more enlightened are eager to gain an insight into the theories and processes that have helped certain economies … Read more

OSMOSIS Conference

 October 13th, 2019 - October 15th, 2019 

Founded in 2015, the OSMOSIS Institute began hosting the annual OSMOSIS Conference to educate, inform and protect investigators and analysts within the cyber security industry. Developed by OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) investigators for the legal, law enforcement, investigative, business and accounting community, the OSMOSIS conference brings the most cutting-edge methodologies and power techniques to get … Read more

Bismarck State College CyberCon

 October 2nd, 2019 - October 3rd, 2019 Recommended Event

After their successful conference in 2018, they are back for another year to help attendees to bring awareness of Cyber Security through collaboration and education. Learn important roles that both cyber security and critical infrastructure play in today’s digitally dependent world.

Strata Data Conference New York

 September 23rd, 2019 - September 26th, 2019 

Strata Data Conference is where cutting-edge science and new business fundamentals intersect—and merge. It’s a deep dive into emerging techniques and technologies. You’ll dissect case studies, develop new skills through in-depth tutorials, share emerging best practices in data science, and imagine the future. Formerly known as Strata + Hadoop World, the conference was created in … Read more

International Conference on Communication and Network Technology (ICCNT)

 September 22nd, 2019 - September 24th, 2019 

International Conference on Communication and Network Technology (ICCNT 2019) will be held in Asmterdam, Netherland during September 22-24, 2019. It aims to provide a forum for researchers, practitioners, and professionals from both the industry and the academia to share their newest research findings and results. ICCNT is also The Annual Meeting of IJCCE Editorial Board, … Read more

International Conference on Cyber-Technologies and Cyber-Systems (CYBER)

 September 22nd, 2019 - September 26th, 2019 

The increased size and complexity of the communications and the networking infrastructures are making it difficult the investigation of the resiliency, security assessment, safety and crimes. Mobility, anonymity, counterfeiting, are characteristics that add more complexity in Internet of Things and Cloud-based solutions. Cyber-physical systems exhibit a strong link between the computational and physical elements. Techniques … Read more

International Conference on Emerging Networks and Systems Intelligence (EMERGING)

 September 22nd, 2019 - September 26th, 2019 

Next-generation large distributed networks and systems require substantial reconsideration of exiting ‘de facto’ approaches and mechanisms to sustain an increasing demand on speed, scale, bandwidth, topology and flow changes, user complex behavior, security threats, and service and user ubiquity. As a result, growing research and industrial forces are focusing on new approaches for advanced communications … Read more

Next Generation Computing Applications Conference (NextComp)

 September 19th, 2019 - September 21st, 2019 

Following on the success of the 1 NextComp in 2017, the University of Mauritius is organizing its 2 International Conference on Next Generation Computing Applications, NextComp2019, which will be held on 19 – 21 September 2019 in the Republic of Mauritius. NextComp2019 is a major conference organized by the University of Mauritius and submissions are … Read more

International Conference on Frontiers of Signal Processing (ICFSP)

 September 18th, 2019 - September 20th, 2019 

The aim of ICFSP 2019 is to provide a platform for researchers, engineers, academicians as well as industrial professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in Signal Processing related fields. This conference provides opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas and application experiences face to face, to … Read more

Applied Computing to Support Industry: Innovation and Technology (ACRIT)

 September 15th, 2019 - September 16th, 2019 

Recent years have witnessed a dramatic increase in applied computing for solving real-world problems due to the significant improvement and advancements in information technologies. In a variety of applications, such as artificial intelligence system, robotics, sensors technology, communication networks, and the internet of things (IOTs), have been helped the industry to solve a number of … Read more

PFIC 2019

 September 10th, 2019 - September 12th, 2019 

PFIC is a conference and training event rolled into one. You receive lectures and labs from top industry experts while getting to mix and mingle. PFIC only allows a limited number of attendees so the classes are never too large for one on one attention and time to get to know your fellow attendees. PFIC … Read more

International Workshop on Designing and Measuring CyberSecurity in Software Architecture (DeMeSSA)

 September 9th, 2019 - September 13th, 2019 

With the growing complexity of software and in particular of software-reliant systems and systems-of-systems, the focus of cybersecurity on network and code has been increasingly shifted to design and more recently to “cybersecurity by design” or “design for cybersecurity”, where the software architecture is the keystone for enforcing cybersecurity. Early evidence of cyber risks, attacks … Read more

Annual Peak Cyber Symposium

 September 3rd, 2019 - September 5th, 2019 Recommended Event

This will be the 9th Cyber Symposium organized by the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) – Colorado Springs Chapter. With the theme “Cyber Hygiene: Everyday for Everyone.”, learn some of today’s cybersecurity threats, remediation strategies and best practices.

International Workshop on Information Security Methodology and Replication Studies (IWSMR)

 August 26th, 2019 - August 29th, 2019 

In recent years, research started to focus on the scientific fundamentals of information security. These fundamentals include several important aspects such as the unified description of attacks and countermeasures, the reproducibility of experiments and means to achieve reproducibility, the sharing of research data and code, the discussion of quality criteria for experiments and the design … Read more

International Workshop on Behavioral Authentication for System Security (BASS)

 August 26th, 2019 - August 29th, 2019 

Behavioral features are getting in the last years an increasing attention from both IT research and industrial world. Human behavioral aspects are extremely valuable pieces of information, exploited by companies to profile current or potential customers, in order to anticipate their preferences and presenting custom offers. Runtime behavioral analysis is being applied with increasing success … Read more

International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering (CASE)

 August 22nd, 2019 - August 26th, 2019 

IEEE International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering (CASE) is the flagship automation conference of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society and constitutes the primary forum for cross-industry and multidisciplinary research in automation. Its goal is to provide a broad coverage and dissemination of foundational research in automation among researchers, academics, and practitioners.

International Information Security South Africa Conference (ISSA)

 August 14th, 2019 - August 15th, 2019 

ISSA2019 is the annual conference for the information security community that continues on the successful recipe established in 2001. The upcoming conference is held under the auspices of the University of Johannesburg Academy for Computer Science and Software Engineering, the University of South Africa School of Computing and the University of Pretoria School of Information … Read more