Workshop on Encrypted Computing and Applied Homomorphic Cryptography (WAHC)

 November 15th, 2019  

Secure computation is becoming a key feature of future information systems. Distributed network applications and cloud architectures are at danger because lots of personal consumer data is aggregated in all kinds of formats and for various purposes. Industry and consumer electronics companies are facing massive threats like theft of intellectual property and industrial espionage. Public … Read more

Black Alps Cyber Security Conference

 November 7th, 2019 - November 8th, 2019 

Black Alps is a non-profit organization founded in 2017 whose main event will be the organization of Black Alps conferences. The current committee is composed of Sylvain Pasini (president), Yohan Martini (treasurer), and Maude Schneider (secretary). #BlackAlps19 will be held on 7th and 8th of November 2019. It is an event enabling to discuss the … Read more

International Conference on Cryptology And Network Security (CANS)

 October 25th, 2019 - October 27th, 2019 

The International Conference on Cryptology And Network Security (CANS) is a recognized annual conference, focusing on all aspects of cryptology, and of data, network, and computer security, attracting cutting-edge results from world-renowned scientists in the area. CANS 2019 will be held in Fuzhou (China) in collaboration with the Fujian Provincial Key Laboratory of Network Security … Read more

BSides Delhi

 October 11th, 2019  

We love BSides events. We like them because they’re a great opportunity to meet local Professional InfoSec Practitioners. If you live and work in the Delhi region of India then we’d encourage you to associate yourself with this BSides Chapter and meet like-minded folk! Typically BSides are either free or are priced affordably.

International Conference on Security of Information and Networks (SIN)

 September 12th, 2019 - September 15th, 2019 

In succession to the successful SIN 2007 – SIN 2018, the 12th International Conference on Security of Information and Networks (SIN 2019) provides an international forum for presentation of research and applications of security in information and networks. SIN 2019 conference features contributed as well as invited papers, special sessions, workshops, and tutorials on theory … Read more

Workshop on Machine Learning for Security and Cryptography (ML4SEC)

 September 8th, 2019  

The era of the Internet of Things with billions of connected devices has created an ever larger surface for cyber attackers to exploit, which has resulted in the need for fast and accurate detection of those attacks. Information and communication technology (ICT) operations evolve from operator-based management to autonomous and cognitive control. Security concerns are … Read more

NIST Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) Standardization Conference

 August 22nd, 2019 - August 24th, 2019 

In recent years, there has been a substantial amount of research on quantum computers – machines that exploit quantum mechanical phenomena to solve mathematical problems that are difficult or intractable for conventional computers. If large-scale quantum computers are ever built, they will be able to break many of the public-key cryptosystems currently in use. This … Read more

Selected Areas in Cryptography (SAC)

 August 12th, 2019 - August 16th, 2019 

The Selected Areas in Cryptography (SAC) conference series was initiated in 1994, when the first event was held at Queen’s University in Kingston. The SAC conference has been held annually since 1994 in various Canadian locations, including: Burnaby Calgary Kingston Montreal Ottawa Sackville St. Johns Toronto Waterloo Windsor SAC 2019 is held in co-operation with … Read more

Crypto and Privacy Village @ DEF CON

 August 9th, 2019  

The Crypto & Privacy Village is returning to DEF CON 27, and we’re looking for top-notch presentations and workshops to fill our schedule. In the past, the Village has featured workshops and talks on everything from quantum crypto to FOIA, discussions on privacy and crypto tools, and a key signing party. Passionate about cryptography or … Read more

International Conference on Security and Cryptographt (SECRYPT)

 July 26th, 2019 - July 28th, 2019 

SECRYPT is an annual international conference covering research in information and communication security. The 16th International Conference on Security and Cryptography (SECRYPT 2019) will be held in Prague, Czech Republic on 26-28 July 2019. The conference seeks submissions from academia, industry, and government presenting novel research on all theoretical and practical aspects of data protection, … Read more

Number-Theoretic Methods in Cryptology

 June 24th, 2019 - June 27th, 2019 

NutMiC 2019 will be the second edition of a cycle of conference on the application of number theory to cryptography and cryptanalysis. The first edition was held at the University of Warsaw in September 2017.

CryptoValley Conference (CVC)

 June 24th, 2019 - June 26th, 2019 

The emergence of Bitcoin and other blockchain-based system allow for entities to trade and interact without trusted third parties. This has led to exciting research in multiple academic disciplines and venues, as well as a vibrant startup rush. The second CRYPTO VALLEY conference on Blockchain Technology, endorsed by IEEE, aims to unite interested scholars as … Read more

International Conference on Applied Cryptography and Network Security (ACNS)

 June 5th, 2019 - June 7th, 2019 

ACNS will be held in Bogotá, Colombia, from June 5 to June 7 2019. ACNS is an annual conference focusing on current developments that advance the areas of applied cryptography and its application to systems and network security. The goal is to represent both academic research works as well as developments in industrial and technical … Read more


 June 4th, 2019 - June 7th, 2019 

The topic of the symposium includes the following questions (but is not limited to them): Study of cryptographic algorithms and protocols, including those that are international standards Efficient implementation of methods for analyzing cryptographic algorithms and protocols Evaluation of cryptographic strength of Russian cryptographic algorithms and protocols Efficient implementation of Russian cryptographic algorithms and protocols … Read more


 May 19th, 2019 - May 23rd, 2019 

Eurocrypt 2019 is the 38th Annual International Conference on the Theory and Applications of Cryptographic Techniques. Eurocrypt is one of the three flagship conferences of the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR). Eurocrypt 2019 will take place in Darmstadt, Germany on May 19-23 2019. It is organized by the Cryptoplexity group of TU Darmstadt.

International Cryptographic Module Conference (ICMC)

 May 14th, 2019 - May 17th, 2019 

After years of growing participation in the Northeast, hundreds of cryptographic professionals will reconvene May 14-17 in Vancouver, Canada, for the seventh annual International Cryptographic Module Conference (ICMC19). Leveraging Vancouver’s direct access to countries around the Pacific Rim, the conference at ICMC19 will incorporate new content and perspectives: We’ll examine the growing emphasis on cryptographic … Read more

The International Conference on Codes, Cryptology And Information Security (C2SI)

 April 22nd, 2019 - April 24th, 2019 

The International Conference on Codes, Cryptology And Information Security (C2SI) is a recognized biennial conference, organized in cooperation with the International Association for Cryptologic Research — IACR, focusing on all aspects of coding theory, cryptology, and information security, attracting cutting-edge results from world-renowned scientists in the area. LNCS C2SI-2019 will be held at Mohammed V … Read more

International Conference on Practice and Theory of Public Key Cryptography (PKC)

 April 14th, 2019 - April 17th, 2019 

PKC 2019 is the 22nd edition of the International Conference on Practice and Theory of Public Key Cryptography, the main annual conference with an explicit focus on public-key cryptography, sponsored by IACR, the International Association for Cryptologic Research. Original research papers on all aspects of public-key cryptography, covering theory, implementations and applications, are solicited for … Read more


 April 2nd, 2019 - April 4th, 2019 

Side-channel analysis (SCA) and implementation attacks have become an important field of research at universities and in the industry. In order to enhance the resistance of cryptographic and security critical implementations within the design phase, constructive attacks and analyzing techniques may serve as a quality metric to optimize the design and development process. Since 2010, … Read more

International Workshop on Coding and Cryptography (WCC)

 March 31st, 2019 - April 5th, 2019 

This is the eleventh in the series of biannual workshops Coding and Cryptography. It is organized by Université de Rennes 1, IRMAR, CNRS and IRISA and will be held in Saint-Jacut-de-la-Mer, France. Our aim is to bring together researchers in all aspects of coding theory, cryptography and related areas, theoretical or applied.

International Conference on Cryptography and Information Security (CRYPIS)

 March 30th, 2019 - March 31st, 2019 

8th International Conference on Cryptography and Information Security (CRYPIS 2019) focuses on cutting-edge results in applied cryptography and Information security. It aims to bring together scientists, researchers and students to exchange novel ideas and results in all aspects of cryptography, coding and Information security. Authors are solicited to contribute to the conference by submitting articles … Read more

C3 Crypto Conference

 March 27th, 2019 - March 28th, 2019 

The C³ Crypto Conference, one of the largest conferences on cryptocurrencies will take place in Berlin, Germany. It is the highlight of Berlin Blockchain Week, which will take place between the 25th and 29th March 2019, a place to reunite blockchain enthusiasts to gain meaningful information and knowledge from the scene. This time, C³ participants … Read more

FSE 2019

 March 25th, 2019 - March 28th, 2019 

FSE 2019 will take place in Paris, France in March 25-28 2019. FSE 2019 is organized in collaboration with the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR). FSE 2019 is the 26th annual Fast Software Encryption conference that is widely recognized as the internationally leading event in the area of symmetric cryptology. Since 2002, FSE is … Read more

Tokyo Crypto Day

 March 8th, 2019  

The Tokyo Crypto Day is a half-day (or full-day) of cryptography talks in the Tokyo area.

RSA Conference Cryptographers’ Track

 March 4th, 2019 - March 8th, 2019 

CT-RSA, or Cryptographers Track RSA Conference, is the venue for scientific papers on cryptography within the RSA Conference. For those who have never been the RSA Conference is the main trade show for the security industry; over 40,000 people attend the exhibition floor, keynote addresses, events, seminars, training events and the various technical tracks. CT-RSA … Read more

Financial Cryptography and Data Security

 February 18th, 2019 - February 22nd, 2019 

Financial Cryptography and Data Security is a major international forum for research, advanced development, education, exploration, and debate regarding information assurance, with a specific focus on commercial contexts. The conference covers all aspects of securing transactions and systems. Original works focusing on both fundamental and applied real-world deployments on all aspects surrounding commerce security are … Read more

Cryptography and Security in Computing Systems (CS)

 January 21st, 2019 - January 21st, 2019 

The wide diffusion of embedded systems, including multi-core, many-core, and reconfigurable platforms, poses a number of challenges related to the security of the operation of such systems, as well as of the information stored in them. Malicious adversaries can leverage unprotected communication to hijack cyber-physical systems, resulting in incorrect and potentially highly dangerous behaviours, or … Read more

NYC Crypto Day

 January 18th, 2019 - January 18th, 2019 

The goal of NY CryptoDay is to help in promoting research in cryptography in the NY area. Our Comments This event is one of the better Crypto events taking place in the State of New York. There’s not really too much going on in NYC within this niche Cyber niche so we’re delighted to list … Read more

Crypto Finance Conference (CFC)

 January 16th, 2019 - January 18th, 2019 

The Crypto Finance Conference is the World’s most exclusive investor conference on cryptocurrencies and blockchain investments. The CFC brings together both private and institutional investors and the leading providers of the crypto & blockchain universe. The conference offers expert education, investment opportunities, excellent networking opportunities and last but not least a great setting in exclusive … Read more