Cisco Live Virtual Event APJC

 April 1st, 2020 - April 2nd, 2020 

About Cisco Live Virtual Event APJC Join your fellow engineers and experts from across Asia Pacific, Japan, China, and the Indian subcontinent to: Learn the latest Cisco technology innovations Upskill instantly online Experience what is now possible With live translation in Japanese, Korean and Mandarin. Watch thought leadership keynotes delivered by Cisco’s local and global … Read more

ASIS Europe

 April 1st, 2020 - April 3rd, 2020 

ASIS Europe – From Risk to Resilience will be held on April 1 – 3, 2020 and will provide an established platform for business and educational exchange. The event will address the issues and key trends facing professionals in the region dealing with physical, human, and cybersecurity, business continuity, risk, compliance, investigations, crisis management, safety, … Read more

FCW Workshop: CDM Workshop

 April 1st, 2020  

The Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation program was designed in 2012 to provide the roadmap, tools, and financial support for agencies to guarantee that all federal networks could be continuously scanned to identify and respond to cyber threats. Since then, a tremendous amount has changed – for the data, for the program, and networks and in … Read more

International Conference on Security and its Applications (CNSA)

 March 28th, 2020 - March 29th, 2020 

The 13th International Conference on Network Security & Applications (CNSA) will focus on all practical and technical aspects of security and its applications for wireless and wired networks. The goal of this event is to gather practitioners and researchers from the industry and academia to focus on understanding Modern security threats and countermeasures and establishing … Read more

Infosecurity Magazine North America Online Spring Summit

 March 26th, 2020  

Everyone is invited to the Infosecurity Magazine North America Spring Online Summit which will be taking place on Thursday, March 26, 2020. Register now to have an opportunity to access industry-leading education sessions covering the most recent technology and trends in the cybersecurity and information security space. The Infosecurity Magazine North America Online Summit will … Read more

Infosecurity Magazine EMEA Online Spring Summit

 March 25th, 2020  

Everyone is invited to the Infosecurity Magazine EMEA Spring Online Summit which will be taking place on Thursday, March 26, 2020. Register now to have an opportunity to access industry-leading education sessions covering the most recent technology and trends in the cybersecurity and information security space. The Infosecurity Magazine EMEA Online Summit will consist of … Read more

Cyber Security for Higher Education

 March 24th, 2020 - March 25th, 2020 

People are considered as one of the most important lines of defence. After some heightened focus on cybersecurity and high profile breaches for the sector, the Cyber Security for Higher Education event is here to help you better protect your organization. Learn from your peers, colleagues, and industry professionals to understand how to improve human … Read more

CRESTCon Australia

 March 18th, 2020  

CrestCon is a technical cybersecurity industry exhibition and conference. The inaugural CRESTCon Australia is an important date in the 2020 industry calendar, gathering an impressive line-up of industry experts and speakers. After 10 years of success in the United Kingdom, CRESTCon Australia will welcome delegates from the security industry in a variety of positions ranging … Read more

2020 Cybersecurity Series for Small Business

 March 18th, 2020  

Cyberattacks have become a persistent and permanent threat to organizations across all sectors. The question companies are facing is not if a cyberattack will happen, but when. The difference between the losers and winners in a cyberattack is how effectively the organization handles the response. The degree of loss and reputational damage (impact on brand … Read more

Identity and Access Management (IDM) Frankfurt

 March 12th, 2020  

Identity has evolved into a highly complex internal challenge for today’s organizations due to the availability of a number of solutions, each tasked with addressing their own specified area of concern rather than being able to adopt a panoptic view of an organizations’ IT systems. Identity is at the center of everything people do, whether … Read more

International Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security (ICCWS)

 March 12th, 2020 - March 13th, 2020 

ICCWS will uniquely address cybersecurity, cyberwarfare and information warfare in Norfolk, Virginia on March 12 – 13, 2020. For the past 15 years, ICCWS has developed into an important conference in the cyber-security field, attracting academics, military professionals and practitioners from around the globe to present research findings in the form of case histories, empirical … Read more

GTACS 2020

 March 11th, 2020  

GTACS 2020 will be held on March 11, 2020 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore with the theme “Beyond 2020: Cyber Resilience to Confidence”. This 2020, attendees can expect a huge turnout due to the congregation of ISACA chapter leaders around the world. Everyone is invited to hear from the best speakers and see exciting events … Read more

DoD Information Warfare Symposium

 March 11th, 2020 - March 12th, 2020 

The Defense Strategies Institute’s Information Warfare Symposium is created as a training and educational “Town Hall” forum, where key policy-makers and thought leaders across government agencies, military services, acquisition authorities, industry, and academia will gather for actionable debate and discussions on how to further cyber operations and electronic warfare for the future military mission. This … Read more

Insider Threat Summit

 March 11th, 2020 - March 12th, 2020 

The main focus of the Insider Threat Summit is to explore personnel security issues including cybersecurity challenges and capabilities, ethical physical security considerations and continuous evaluation of privileged identities. A heightened awareness of insider threats due to a large number of unauthorized leaks and newsworthy attacks has brought us together for one main purpose: To … Read more

Cyber Intelligence Asia

 March 10th, 2020 - March 12th, 2020 

Cyber Security is of great importance globally with more cyber-attacks taking place on a weekly basis. Governments are working hard to secure their computer networks and critical infrastructure to deal with sophisticated cybercrimes. The 8th annual Cyber Intelligence Asia will once again be returning to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on March 10 – 12, 2020. Malaysia … Read more

Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference California

 March 9th, 2020 - March 11th, 2020 

Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference brings together the digital forensics and cybersecurity industries for collaboration between private sectors and government for a unique educational experience. This event has grown into one of the most important resources for corporate network security professionals, state, federal, and local law enforcement digital forensic specialists, and cybersecurity industry leaders … Read more

SecureWorld Charlotte

 March 4th, 2020 - March 5th, 2020 

You are invited to join fellow InfoSec professionals for affordable, high-quality, cybersecurity training and collaboration. Participants will be able to gain 12-16 CPE credits through 60+ educational elements learning from nationally recognized industry experts. Attend panel discussions, featured keynotes, breakout sessions, and solution vendor displays – all while networking with local colleagues. Connecting, informing, and … Read more

Command Control – The European Cybersecurity Summit

 March 3rd, 2020 - March 4th, 2020
 Recommended Event

This event is aimed at CXO Level Professionals in Germany. If you’re in charge of the decision-making in the digital transformation of an organization, then this event would be ideal.

BSides Tampa

 February 29th, 2020  

BSides Tampa is an Information Technology Security event hosted by the Tampa Bay Chapter of (ISC)2 which is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The aim of the BSides Tampa is to provide an open platform for Information Security industry professionals to exchange ideas, collaborate, and develop long-standing relationships with others in the community. The BSides … Read more


 February 28th, 2020  

CybersecCon will feature Keynotes, panel discussions, technical workshops, networking, and many more. Cybersecurity has been taking the center stage around the world, with cyber-attacks becoming more prominent and their complexity more and more difficult to protect against. Thus, the imperative for cybersecurity professionals to share their knowledge and experience with NZ businesses. The event will … Read more

China Automotive Cyber Security Summit (ACSS)

 February 26th, 2020 - February 28th, 2020 

One of China’s leading and dedicated focused event in the automotive cybersecurity industry will be back on February 27 – 28, 2020 in Shanghai, China. China Automotive Cyber Security Summit (ACSS) 2020 will as always provide a cooperative and networking platform for Automotive OEMs, Tier 1s and network and cybersecurity solutions providers to together explore … Read more

Cyber Africa Summit (CyFrica)

 February 25th, 2020 - February 26th, 2020 

African businesses reported a loss of 3.5 billion from 2 billion US dollars due to Cybercrime. The hardest hit was in Nigeria with losses of almost 650 million US dollars followed by Kenya with 210 million and Tanzania with 99 million. As companies continue to digitally transform, so does their exposure to threats within cyberspace. … Read more

RSA Conference USA

 February 24th, 2020 - February 28th, 2020 

RSA Conference has been a driving force behind the world’s cybersecurity agenda for almost 30 years. It is the central point where people from around the world gather to learn, share, and grow and the platform that provides a forum for innovation and partnership. It’s even more important today to have these points of connection, … Read more

Network and Distributed System Security Symposium (NDSS)

 February 23rd, 2020 - February 26th, 2020 

The Network and Distributed System Security Symposium (NDSS) promotes information exchange among practitioners and researchers of network and distributed system security. The target attendees include those interested in practical aspects of network and distributed system security, with a focus on actual system design and implementation. One of the major goals of this event is to … Read more

Disobey Conference

 February 14th, 2020 - February 15th, 2020 

Disobey Conference will be back in 2020 and once again inviting like-minded professionals to join this year’s conference. This is where attendees are brought together to discuss and share information and train skills adversaries use against us. The aim of this event to foster a vibrant community of makers, creators, and breakers. The conference value … Read more

SecureCISO Atlanta

 February 13th, 2020  

This is where the who’s who of Enterprise IT Security convene – a partnership toward a more secure enterprise. IT starts here. The tools and event map have participants engaged in thought leading discussions as they discuss, debate and challenge the Clear & Present dangers of enterprise vulnerability. It’s no longer if – but when. … Read more

SecureCISO Phoenix

 February 13th, 2020 
 Recommended Event

This event is aimed at CXO Professionals in the United States specifically in Arizona. If you want to learn how to combat cyber threats, then this conference would be ideal.

ArcticCon Fairbanks

 February 12th, 2020  

Based in Anchorage, Alaska, ArcticCon is an IT conference that started in 2017. The mission of this event is to provide technical information from industry experts to educate the IT community of Alaska about new advancements in Cyber Security and Information Technology. One of its goals is to make IT more accessible to the Last … Read more

The European Information Security Summit (TEISS)

 February 12th, 2020 - February 13th, 2020 

The European Information Security Summit (TEISS) is one of the biggest cyber security summit across Europe that focuses on the human challenges in improving delegates’ cyber security efforts, the most recent threats they face, and the technological developments that can support them. Join more than 500 senior information security experts in the TEISS community for … Read more

Hybrid Identity Protection Tech Day: Dallas

 February 11th, 2020  

With the disappearance of the network perimeter, the last line of defense from cyberattacks has been identity. Hybrid Identity Protection (HIP) is a worldwide events series focused on helping companies meet the identity and access management challenges that arise in today’s fast-moving business environment. The event mission is to make the world a safer place … Read more