Both programming and cybersecurity are concerned within the protection of digital information, programs, and networks. Programming allows for the creation of the architecture and software that comprise an organization’s digital security infrastructure, whereas cybersecurity works to monitor, identify, and patch those systems in order to guard against malicious threat actors.

C is a general-purpose programming language that is popular among professional developers. It is most commonly used in the creation of operating systems, compilers, and embedded systems. C may be used to generate dependable and efficient digital goods ranging from application development to artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). C programming is heavily used by cybersecurity organizations to develop their security solutions, and many of the most popular machine learning algorithms are built in C.

Because programming and cybersecurity are so important, there are numerous events and conferences dedicated to these subjects. The annual O’Reilly Security Conference focuses on the most recent cybersecurity tools, trends, and technology. Furthermore, the Free and Open Source Software Conference (FOSS) is a programming-focused event that covers issues such as security engineering and programming languages, as well as machine learning and cloud computing. The Chaos Communication Congress is an annual international event focused on technology, society, and culture, as well as programming and cybersecurity.

For those looking for a more specialized event, the IEEE Cybersecurity Conference offers guests insight into the state of Cybersecurity and the technology that power it, as well as a venue for exchanging ideas and learning from top experts. Similarly, the National Cybersecurity Symposium, sponsored by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), is a premier cyber security event.

Programming and cybersecurity are intricately connected, from AI to embedded systems. Both areas require knowledge and skill for those who want to secure their digital networks and devices. These events, seminars, and conferences are excellent places to learn new techniques and technologies and network with prominent professionals.