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Risk Events

A conference is a gathering of people who share a particular interest or background with the goal of meeting one another and learning about and discussing topics, ideas, and projects that are relevant to them.

You will learn from others and increase your own abilities and knowledge about your field if you attend other presentations. It’s also crucial to connect with their work, ask questions, and even follow up with a visit following the panel. In our area, networking is crucial, just as it is in every other job.

Attending events in your sector increases your chances of meeting your target prospects or influencers who should be familiar with your company and brand. You’d like people to know who you are, what you do, how you operate, and where you’re headed.

Attending Risk Conferences (including Third-Party Risk) Conferences

Any risk posed to a company by external parties in its ecosystem or supply chain is referred to as third-party risk. Vendors, suppliers, partners, contractors, or service providers with access to internal business or customer data, systems, procedures, or other sensitive information are examples of such parties.

With so much personal and financial data at stake, and so much transaction taking place online, cybersecurity – and the risks that third parties and suppliers entail – is an added layer of risk for both the company and the customer.

Third-party risk management (TPRM) is critical for reducing unwarranted risks and expenses associated with third-party cyber threats. Having a solid TPRM program in place decreases the negative impact your company’s technological business decisions may have on both your customers and your financial soundness.

If your firm suffers direct damages as a result of criminal behavior committed by someone outside your organization, third-party crime coverage will protect you. To qualify as a third party, the offender cannot own or work for the firm, nor can they be one of the company’s executive shareholders.

Third-Party Risk Governance

Manage third-party risk and performance in an integrated manner. To determine whether each engagement is producing expected performance, use Archer Third Party Governance to capture performance metrics and service level agreement metrics for each third-party product and service.

April 2022

Maritime Cyber-Security & Safety Conference 2022
Greece | Athens
April 14, 2022
Cyber Security in Healthcare 2022
Australia | Melbourne
April 28, 2022
AISA BrisSEC 2022
Australia | Brisbane
April 29, 2022

May 2022

AIX-Marseille Cybersecurity Forum 2022
France | Marseille
May 5, 2022
Resilient & Seamless Governance 2022
Estonia | Tallinn
May 10, 2022
AusCERT 2022
Australia | Gold Coast
May 10, 2022
Risk-In 2022
Switzerland | Zurich
May 19, 2022
Hack Yourself Stockholm
Sweden | Stockholm
May 19, 2022

October 2022

ALLOWLIST Cyber Security Conference
United Kingdom | Leeds
October 20, 2022
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