SCADA systems, also known as Industrial Control Systems (ICS), are control systems used in industrial applications to change the state of the system. They are commonly found in businesses such as electricity grids, sewage systems, and oil and gas extraction facilities. Unintentional outages and cyber threats to SCADA systems can have major economic, environmental, and safety effects. Cybersecurity is critical for mitigating these risks and safeguarding these systems.

The following are some of the organizations and networks dedicated to SCADA and ICS security:

1. OSIS-ICS (Open System Security of Industrial Control Systems) is an open-source initiative that aims to safeguard SCADA and ICS systems. The platform gives developers and system administrators capabilities to monitor and manage their SCADA systems, reducing the risk of compromise. OSIS-ICS also offers certified training and hosts seminars, conferences, and workshops to educate practitioners and those interested in SCADA/ICS network security.

2. The Global SCADA Network is an online community dedicated to assisting enterprises in securing their ICS and SCADA systems. It maintains a blog and webinars that provide up-to-date information and resources on SCADA and ICS security, and its members can network and debate security issues at forums and events. In addition, the Global SCADA Network organizes an annual SCADA/ICS security conference.

3. SCADA Solutions Expo: The SCADA Solutions Expo is a trade show that brings vendors from all over the world together to learn about new technology and best practices in SCADA security. The events and workshops on offer vary from basic introductory sessions to sophisticated talks on the most recent security issues. The Expo also has instructional classes, seminars, and conferences that bring security practitioners from many businesses together to explore solutions.

4. ISA Security Compliance Institute: The ISA Security Compliance Institute is a global network of organizations dedicated to establishing and supporting SCADA and ICS security best practices and standards. The Institute provides security practitioners with the knowledge, best practices, and certifications they need to safeguard their systems from cyber threats through its events, conferences, webinars, and online courses.

These organizations and networks offer a plethora of resources on SCADA/ICS security. Security practitioners can obtain a deeper awareness of the dangers that ICS/SCADA systems face and learn the best practices for safeguarding these networks by attending their events, conferences, and seminars. Unfortunately, due to the specialist nature of this field, the majority of these events and conferences cater to practitioners with specific expertise and experience in SCADA security. Nonetheless, they are a significant resource for individuals looking to expand their expertise in this sector.