BSides Athens 2021

 June 19th, 2021 
 Recommended Event

If you’re an InfoSec enthusiast of professional in Athens, Greece, then this is an event would be well-advised to attend. These folks have organized a ton of BSides events before so they know a thing or two about putting a show on.

QuBit Conference Tatry

 December 2nd, 2020 - December 3rd, 2020 

Building the community of cybersecurity professionals around the event in Prague led the team back home to support local professionals by creating an annual cybersecurity conference in the beautiful countryside of Tatry mountain. We keep listening to community demand for a highly educational conference. The organizers are eager to create the most influential and respected … Read more

Public Sector Enterprise ICT (PSEICT)

 November 24th, 2020  

Employees of the public sector across regional, national, local and devolved authorities, can be rightly regarded as operating within the most important, dynamic, sensitive, and varied sector of a nation’s political economy. Without the proper functioning of the public sector, services are not delivered, the government does not function and societal distress increases; such is … Read more


 November 24th, 2020 - November 25th, 2020
 Recommended Event

This event is aimed at Cybersecurity Practitioners in Norway. This event would be ideal for professionals who want to share knowledge and network with over 700 attendees.

SANS ICS Asia Pacific Summit & Training 2020

 November 13th, 2020  

Join SANS for their ICS Asia Pacific Summit & Training that will take place in Singapore. The current cybersecurity landscape presents a very chaotic and diverse picture of the threats facing industrial control system owners and operators. Attacks that cause physical damage or impact physical processes are no longer limited to speculation or theory. People … Read more

Unlock Your Brain, Harden Your System! (UYBHYS) 2020

 November 13th, 2020 - November 14th, 2020 

Unlock Your Brain, Harden Your System! is a hacking conference in its purest tradition. It tackles a wide range of subjects from the more technical to social or political impact. One of the main goals of this event is to obviously enlarge participants’ knowledge of the security field. The conference will be held in French … Read more


 November 12th, 2020 - November 14th, 2020
 Recommended Event

This is a mega CTF event taking place in Italy. Absolutely recommended for Penetration Testers and all Cybersecurity enthusiasts.

Black Hat Europe 2020

 November 9th, 2020 - November 12th, 2020
 Recommended Event

Must-attend for all the obvious reasons! Black Hat London is a go-go-go and we hope it remains that way. Just double-check that it is definitely going ahead. If you’re a Cyber Security Professional in London then we’d absolutely encourage you to attend this event, it’s an iconic conference within the Cybersecurity Conference calendar and would be a nice way to end the torrid 2020 that we’ve all experienced.

Cyber Attack Bangkok Series 2020

 November 7th, 2020  

As we look towards 2020 and beyond, we need to acknowledge that technology is fast playing catch-up and will impact security technologies, innovation, investment and the industry at large. 2019 has been an exciting year for the cybersecurity industry and its professionals, especially with cybersecurity, it has become a business-critical, massively scalable, extremely dynamic, and … Read more

Voxxed Days Minsk

 October 29th, 2020 - November 1st, 2020 

Held since 2015, Voxxed Days aims to develop and strengthen technology socialites. This event is a knowledge-sharing platform with a focus on interesting topics and high-quality content for developers. Thessaloniki, Vienna, Zurich, Melburg, Bucharest, Singapore and many other cities have already become part of the movement. Minsk was chosen as the capital of Voxxed Days … Read more

QuBit Conference Sofia 2020

 October 28th, 2020 - October 29th, 2020 
 Free Event

3rd annual cyber community conference QuBit in Sofia will provide its attendees with excellent speakers, leading-edge topics, keynotes, case studies, panel discussions, hands-on training, and popular networking events. October 29 is a full day of conference divided into sessions which are strictly educational, only one marketing presentation is allowed, preferably case study as QuBit listens … Read more

Australian Cyber Conference Melbourne

 October 27th, 2020 - October 29th, 2020
 Recommended Event

This is one of the best InfoSec events taking place in Australia this year. We’d encourage you to attend this one if you work within Information Security in Australia.

NRS Fall Compliance Conference

 October 26th, 2020 - October 29th, 2020
 Recommended Event

This event is aimed at FinSec professionals in the United States. Learn first hand the lastest development for cybersecurity.

Digital Banking Forum

 October 22nd, 2020 - October 23rd, 2020 
 Free Event

Join the upcoming Digital Banking Forum on October 22 – 23, 2020 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. At this upcoming Forum, the participants have the chance to register for the Online Streaming option and/or the live MasterClass set to take place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. At the Digital Banking Forum, the participants will be presented with … Read more

Bank Security Conference

 October 20th, 2020 - October 21st, 2020 

The premier Bank Security Conference – Laser-focused on bank security for 26 years! Our agenda this year is teaming with professional speakers who are recognized as leaders in their respective disciplines and designed to exceed the training needs of security, investigative, operations, and compliance professionals’ in the financial services industry. Sessions include Today’s Top 5 … Read more

Momentum Developer Conference

 October 16th, 2020  

Momentum is a Cincinnati-based developer conference that helps developers be faster, better, and stronger. If you work in this field, we at InfoSec-conferences encourage you to join this event on October 16, 2020, at the Hyatt Regency Cincinnati! Your ticket will include: More than 30 sessions of outstanding content presented by speakers from Cincinnati, the … Read more

SecureWorld Twin Cities

 October 15th, 2020  

You are invited to join fellow InfoSec professionals for affordable, high-quality, cybersecurity training and collaboration. Participants will be able to gain 12-16 CPE credits through 60+ educational elements learning from nationally recognized industry experts. Attend panel discussions, featured keynotes, breakout sessions, and solution vendor displays – all while networking with local colleagues. Connecting, informing, and … Read more

CyberSec&AI Connected

 October 8th, 2020  

The events of 2020 have transformed the way we communicate and connect. CyberSec&AI Connected is a virtual conference linking you to the global AI, machine learning, and cybersecurity communities — facilitating the exchange of ideas, information, and insight. CyberSec&AI Connected will explore the themes of AI for privacy and security, revealing the challenges and opportunities … Read more

International Cybersecurity and Intelligence Conference (ICSIC)

 October 7th, 2020 - October 8th, 2020 

The International Center for Cybersecurity and Intelligence Research and the Ontario College of Management and Technology will again be hosting the 2020 International Cyber Security and Intelligence Conference on October 7 – 8, 2020 in Canada. The International Cybersecurity and Intelligence Conference (ICSIC) provides a rare chance for global professionals in Cybersecurity, Intelligence, National Infrastructure, … Read more

Smart Grid Cybersecurity

 October 6th, 2020 - October 8th, 2020 

The Smart Grid Cybersecurity will return this 2020 for its 4th edition and will once again gather Cybersecurity leaders and utility CISOs for a thorough investigation of the most recent prevention, detection and response strategies and solutions to guard against an ever-changing threat landscape. For three intensive days, attendees will have a chance to understand … Read more

SANS Oil & Gas Cybersecurity Summit 2020

 October 5th, 2020 - October 11th, 2020 

Protecting critical infrastructure has never been more important In recent years, we’ve seen highly sophisticated attacks on oil and gas systems that have interrupted operations and caused damage. As adversaries evolve and organizations apply new technology to improve productivity and efficiency, security teams are racing to adopt innovative approaches to safeguard systems and mitigate risk. … Read more

QuBit Conference Belgrade

 October 1st, 2020 
 Recommended Event

Clearly, if you live and work in Cybersecurity in Serbia then this is a “must-attend”. This event has been taking place for many years now so we’d certainly encourage you to take advantage of the organizers’ experience and learn from local and international Cybersecurity experts.

DIGILIENCE 2020 : Digital Transformation, Cyber Security and Resilience

 September 30th, 2020 - October 2nd, 2020 
 Free Event

The series of DIGILIENCE conferences aims to establish the state of the art and future demands in the provision of security and resilience of processes, services, and systems that are heavily reliant on information technologies. Of particular interest are studies that examine systems in their interdependence or place their operation in a human or wider … Read more

Wireless Technology Forum

 September 27th, 2020 - October 2nd, 2020
 Recommended Event
 Free Event

Clearly this is a superb event for tech professionals working with wireless and networking protocols.

HTCIA International Conference

 September 27th, 2020 - September 30th, 2020 

If you’re involved in Cybercrime and based in Phoenix then this conference is a must-attend!


 September 25th, 2020  

WorkshopCon is organized by Information Security practitioners with experience in setting up conferences, training, sponsorships, and events in multiple countries. WorkshopCon was created to connect passionate trainers with the InfoSec community. This event will host a virtual training event on Friday, September 25, 2020. If you are interested in submitting a one day workshop for … Read more

QuBit Conference Prague

 September 23rd, 2020 - September 24th, 2020 

The Cybersecurity Conference in the CEE region. The event will consist of practical workshops, excellent speakers, educational session, news & networking. The CEE region conference on cybersecurity held again in Prague – “Rooftop of Europe” and Bohemian capital in April 2020. Community partners and experts from all over the world will gather for one day … Read more

Minorities in Cybersecurity Conference

 September 22nd, 2020 - September 23rd, 2020
 Recommended Event

Awesome. Glad to be able to recommend this InfoSec event aimed at those under-represented within Cybersecurity.

InfoSecurity Mexico

 September 22nd, 2020 - September 23rd, 2020 

Infosecurity Mexico is considered by many as the only event in Mexico focused 100% on Information Security, aimed at Cybersecurity, IT, and Cybercrime experts, as well as users of information anxious about the implications that can create losing critical information for the business or its customers. The exhibition will provide attendees the services and solutions … Read more