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Canadian Women in Cybersecurity 2021

 March 9th, 2021 - March 10th, 2021 

Bringing diversity in the cybersecurity workforce by educating and inspiring women from all walks of life and all generations. Come and learn from the leaders who broke the glass and paved the way for the rest of us to be able to lead and excel in cybersecurity. From career development to inspiring keynotes, from IoT …

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National CPTC powered by siberX

 November 7th, 2020  

In the sixth annual Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition (CPTC), top cybersecurity students from across the world will gain real-life experiences that will benefit their eventual work environments. To give an idea of the level of this competition: during the 2019-2020 academic year, some teams had more than 100 students attend tryouts. During the 2019-2020 International …

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The Virtual AI Summit Silicon Valley

 September 30th, 2020 - October 1st, 2020 

The Program Our astounding speakers share trusted AI expertise that will help you advance strategy, foster innovation, and lead change within your enterprise to achieve true ROI from your AI projects. From process intelligence to quantum, failures to successes, we have five stages of exclusive, inspirational presentations from acclaimed speakers, representing the world’s leading enterprises. …

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 March 1st, 2021  

Nullcon is an annual security conference held in Goa, India. The focus of the conference is to showcase the next generation of offensive and defensive security technology. We happily open doors to researchers and hackers around the world and the universe, working on the next big thing in security and request everyone to submit their …

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Demystifying Zero Trust Model and Architecture

 September 26th, 2020  
 Free Event

Zero Trust Architecture, refers to security concepts and threat models that no longer assumes that actors, systems, or services operating from within the security perimeter should be automatically trusted, and instead must verify anything and everything trying to connect to its systems before granting access. Here we are presenting an opportunity to learn more from …

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36th Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC)

 December 7th, 2020 - December 11th, 2020 

The Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC) brings together cutting-edge researchers, with a broad cross-section of security professionals drawn from academia, industry, and government, gathered to present and discuss the latest security results and topics. With peer-reviewed technical papers, invited talks, panels, national interest discussions, workshops, and professional development and training courses, ACSAC continues its …

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The Virtual AI Summit New York

 December 9th, 2020 - December 10th, 2020 
 Free Event

Now in its 5th successful year, The AI Summit New York has firmly cemented its reputation as the world’s foremost AI event for business with over 700 Fortune 1000 businesses regularly in attendance. For 2020, we have transformed into an event that is fully virtual to continue to deliver unrivaled insights powered by an AI …

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SANS Cyber Defense Forum & Training – Live Online

 October 9th, 2020 - October 17th, 2020 
 Free Event

Free Forum: October 9 | Co-Chairs: Chris Crowley and Justin Henderson | Forum CPE Credits: 6 Training: October 12 – October 17 Achieve All-Around Defender Status Defending against attacks is an ongoing challenge with new threats emerging all the time. Are you looking to level up your blue team skills? Do you want to enhance …

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ElevateIT: TOLA Technology Summit II

 October 14th, 2020 - October 15th, 2020 
 Free Event

The ElevateIT: TOLA Technology Summit II is an Executive Level IT & Cybersecurity Conference developed specifically for Senior Level Technology Executives and Practitioners. This multi-day event features presentations from some of the best minds in the industry, including Annette Moore – CIO, NASA; Mark Stone – CIO, Texas A&M University System; George Crawford – CIO/CISO, …

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Virtual 10th Annual Cyber Security Summit

 October 26th, 2020 - October 28th, 2020 
 Free Event

The virtual 10th Annual Cyber Security Summit draws thought leaders from across the industry, government, and academia with a robust agenda offering actionable takeaways for all experience levels. This year’s theme, ‘Ripple Effect,’ explores the cascading impacts we must constantly manage in our field to stay ahead of threats. With expanded technical sessions and leading …

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 November 5th, 2020  

Meet tech candidates in developing/programming, IT, AI, Robotics, Cyber Security, Big Data, FinTech & much, much, more! Feature your business during the CareerXpo & tap into the wealth of talent available in Canada. Hosted the day before the Rochester Institute of Technology Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition Finals, attract ethical hackers, threat intelligence analysts & other …

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GrayHat Virtual Cybersecurity Conference

 October 29th, 2020 - October 30th, 2020 

NOW is your chance to join one of the premier practitioner-led and organized Cyber Security Summit in the Southern US – The GrayHat Virtual Cyber Summit. Your sponsorship dollar goes even farther since this event is a practitioner-led, organized, and operated summit. The events’ Extra Value Sponsorship levels are based on over-all spend! Organizers combine …

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Hack at the Harbor

 September 25th, 2020  
 Free Event

Hack @ The Harbor is a newly developed virtual conference created by the founders of Point3 Security. Point3 Security is a strong believer in its growing ecosystem and created Hack At The Harbor as an extended resource to develop the best information security professionals. By bringing our virtual community together, we will contribute to the …

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OWASP Global AppSec Dublin 2021

 February 15th, 2021 - February 19th, 2021 

Everybody is invited to attend the Global AppSec Dublin 2020 presented by the OWASP Foundation. This event is formerly known as the AppSec EU, the Global AppSec Conference is considered as one of the premier application security conferences for security experts and developers. This conference is designed for public and private sector infosec professionals, the …

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Tech Talk Live 2021

 May 3rd, 2021 - May 5th, 2021
 Recommended Event

Recommended event for those working within the Information Security training space.

24th Colloquium For Information Systems Security Education

 November 4th, 2020 - November 5th, 2020 
 Free Event

Since 1996 the Colloquium for Information System Security Education (CISSE) has been the voice of academia for advances in cybersecurity education. CISSE was established to provide the single authoritative forum for conducting meaningful dialogue across government, industry, and the academic sectors through agencies involved in protecting our nation’s information and communication assets. The CAE community …

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BSides Islamabad

 November 7th, 2020 - November 8th, 2020 

BSides Islamabad 2020 is the first-ever BSides conference, along with being the first technical security conference happening in Pakistan. Through the conference, BSides looks forward to bringing a venture of the Security Industry in Pakistan to create an impact and further enhance the security Industry along with building awareness and providing security geeks, experts, professionals, …

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SecureWorld West Coast Virtual Conference

 December 9th, 2020  

You are invited to join fellow InfoSec professionals for affordable, high-quality, cybersecurity training and collaboration. Participants will be able to gain 12-16 CPE credits through 60+ educational elements learning from nationally recognized industry experts. Attend panel discussions, featured keynotes, breakout sessions, and solution vendor displays – all while networking with local colleagues. Connecting, informing, and …

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SecureWorld Texas Virtual Conference

 October 22nd, 2020  

You are invited to join fellow InfoSec professionals for affordable, high-quality, cybersecurity training and collaboration. Participants will be able to gain 12-16 CPE credits through 60+ educational elements learning from nationally recognized industry experts. Attend panel discussions, featured keynotes, breakout sessions, and solution vendor displays – all while networking with local colleagues. Connecting, informing, and …

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CyberTech USA

 October 27th, 2020  

An interactive CybertechLive USA digital event hosted from New York City October 27, 2020 | 12:00 pm NYC | 9:00 am San Francisco This half-day event will feature talks for leading government officials, industry experts, leading companies, and startups. The event will also feature interactive live elements from cities around the US, tech talks, and …

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IT-Defense 2021

 January 27th, 2021 - January 29th, 2021
 Recommended Event

If you in Berlin, Germany then get to know more about IT-Defense, we’re considering this as one of the best hacker conferences of 2021 in Berlin.


 May 14th, 2021 - May 15th, 2021
 Recommended Event

Highly recommended (classic) Hacker Conference taking place in Chicago. If you had just one security event to put in your security events calendar for 2021, this should be it.

CyberCraft Security & Anti-Fraud Summit

 October 1st, 2020 - October 2nd, 2020 
 Free Event

CyberCraft Summit is a virtual training bringing together the cybersecurity and anti-fraud communities to one event. We recognize the isolation between the two industries and are on a mission to bridge this gap. After all, both industries are all about protecting the loss of data or money or both. It’s time for a different kind …

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National Cyber Summit (NCS) 2021

 June 8th, 2021 - June 10th, 2021
 Recommended Event

First-class Cybersecurity event in Alabama. You can be sure that you’ll be brushing shoulders with some of the brightest minds in the InfoSec industry. Highly recommended conference. Furthermore, the industries being addressed are extensive so the range of experience will be equally diverse. It will be interesting to hear their thoughts on COVID given the fact that the speakers will have the benefit of hindsight when they address the audience in 2021.

Riscure Online Workshop 2020

 September 3rd, 2020 - September 4th, 2020 
 Free Event

Riscure Workshop is an annual event for customers and those who want to learn more about the latest developments in software and hardware security. In our previous years we would host this event in 5 different locations, but due to well-known circumstances this year we organize an online event. Registered attendees will be able to …

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Maritime Cybersecurity Summit 2020

 November 4th, 2020 - November 5th, 2020 

The Maritime Cybersecurity Summit supports focused discussions on maritime cybersecurity challenges. During the Summit, operators, owners, suppliers, service providers, and the public sector share information on their current efforts to address maritime cyber risks. This summit offers a rare opportunity to not only engage and hear from a diverse group of experts but also connect …

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Lloyd’s Maritime Academy Maritime Cybersecurity Virtual Summit

 October 20th, 2020  

Lloyd’s Maritime Academy presents a one-day summit on cyber protection software, standardization across the industry, and the proposed IMO guidelines. Cyber Resilience: The Three P’sC Cyber security and resilience can be a maze of different guidelines and solutions tackling a plethora of threats and risks. This one-day seminar will break this down, focussing on three …

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ShellCon 2020

 October 9th, 2020 - October 10th, 2020 

ShellCon is an information security conference that is held annually in the beautiful beach cities of Los Angeles. The event is a growing conference that creates an atmosphere of open communication, collaboration, and connection. The organizers’ value community, technical knowledge, and getting your hands dirty. Presentations and events at the con will have a focus …

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