Cyber Resilience & InfoSec 2017

 February 6th, 2017 - February 7th, 2017

Abreast of latest technology upgrades &; innovations to fight complex cyber crime. Change the game plan to protect customers, brands & intellectual property. Inspire & empower resilience. New approaches & actionable skills. Power Debate & Hot Brain Storming Sessions. Executive Panel Session: Leader’s Dialogue. Exclusive Breakfast Briefing on CyberWars. Live HACK Demos. BY INDUSTRY : … Read more

CIFI Security Summit 2017 (Dubai)

 January 18th, 2017 - January 18th, 2017

These are a series of events that take place in various cities. The Annual CIFI Security Summit takes place all over the world, Asia, Europe, Australia & North America. These summits are essential 2 day conferences and exhibitions bringing together leading security experts from around the globe to discuss Cyber Intelligence, Digital forensics, Cyber Security … Read more

SANS Gulf Region 2016

 November 5th, 2016 - November 17th, 2016

SANS is the world’s largest provider of cyber security training. We now train over 40,000 cyber security professionals around the world each year. We operate across 30 geographic regions. In those regions SANS trains cyber security operatives and managers who work in government departments, for military bodies and for large commercial organisations.

MENA Business Infrastructure Protection 2013 Summit

 December 4th, 2013 - December 5th, 2013

The Summit will specifically address critical infrastructure protection that affects businesses and companies operating (or considering launching business) in the MENA region. It will incorporate airport, port and border security, the critical infrastructure of the oil and gas, pharmaceutical and financial institutions, international hotel chains, international construction companies and telecommunications networks as well as other … Read more