QuBit Conference Sofia 2020

 October 28th, 2020 - October 29th, 2020 
 Free Event

3rd annual cyber community conference QuBit in Sofia will provide its attendees with excellent speakers, leading-edge topics, keynotes, case studies, panel discussions, hands-on training, and popular networking events. October 29 is a full day of conference divided into sessions which are strictly educational, only one marketing presentation is allowed, preferably case study as QuBit listens … Read more

QuBit Conference Sofia

 November 14th, 2019 - November 14th, 2019 

QuBit is a Cybersecurity Community Event connecting the East and West and it is already the 6th year on the cybersecurity market in CEE region. Based on the success in Prague, QuBit expanded further and brought educational conference also to SEE region. QuBit strive to bring together and build a cybersecurity community of like-minded fellows. … Read more

International Symposium on INnovations in Intelligent SysTems and Applications (INISTA)

 July 3rd, 2019 - July 5th, 2019 

International Symposium on INnovations in Intelligent SysTems and Applications (INISTA) has been organized since 2005. It aims to bring together the researchers from the entire spectrum of the multi-disciplinary fields of intelligent systems and to establish effective means of communication between them. In particular, it focuses on all aspects of intelligent systems and the related … Read more

QuBit Conference Sofia

 November 15th, 2018 - November 16th, 2018 

QuBit Cybersecurity Conference strives to bring the latest information to the cyber community and to help spread the word that security matters as Internet and IT tools are now accessible to more than 2 billion people worldwide. QuBit creates a unique way to meet the best and the brightest minds in the information security fields … Read more

CyberCon Europe

 June 15th, 2018 - June 16th, 2018Recommended Event

The general objective of our event is to support the integration and interaction between private and public bodies with experts in cybersecurity, critical infrastructure management, eHealth and Smart Cities solution providers.

Eurocrypt 2015

 April 26th, 2015 - April 30th, 2015

Eurocrypt 2015 is the 34th Annual International Conference on the Theory and Applications of Cryptographic Techniques. It is devoted to all aspects of cryptology. Eurocrypt 2015 is one of the three flagship conferences of International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR). This year it is organized by the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics by the Bulgarian … Read more