May 26th, 2020 - May 29th, 2020
 Recommended Event

This event is aimed at professionals in Europe. If you want to learn what will happen in the next 10 years in the world of cybersecurity, this is the conference to attend.

Nordic-Baltic Security Summit

One of the grandest ICT security event and meeting of minds will be returning in the Nordic-Baltic region for its 10th year anniversary. It is encouraged to attend this conference to learn about the most recent ICT security news from the public sector, leadership and technology perspectives. Meet Scandinavian and Baltic security vendors and clients …

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Nordic Testing Days

Nordic Testing Days is an annual conference primarily aimed at software testers. However, during the recent years we have branched out and also welcome others ranging from programmers to UX specialists, project managers to designers etc. In other words, everyone who is interested in dipping their toes into testing and contributing to smoother software development …

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Age of Security Forum 2017 in Tallinn

Age of Security Forum 2017 is a series of international conferences, which will take place in Vilnius (11.05), Riga (16.05) and Tallinn (18.05). The goal of the Forum is presenting leading information security solutions and methodologies according to Gartner recommendations and Gartner Magic Quadrants, as well as sharing best practices and experience on how to …

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CyCon 2017

Organized by the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence, this year’s CyCon will focus on the fundamental aspects of cyber security with a theme of Defending the Core.

Cyber Conf 2017

This event will provide valuable information that will benefit all of the following audiences. It will help bring awareness of the risks that exist, how hackers think and what you can do to reduce your risks of being a victim of cyber crime. Companies of all sizes will benefit and learn from the event.

CyCon 2016

CyCon 2016 will ask how the traditional concept of power applies to cyberspace. The issues to be covered include international cooperation, technical challenges and requirements, conflict in cyberspace, legal framework, regulations and standards.

CyCon 2015 – 7th International Conference on Cyber Conflict

The International Conference on Cyber Conflict, CyCon, is entering its second decade. Throughout the years, CyCon has established itself as a prominent multidisciplinary conference, introducing keynotes and panels focusing on the technical, legal, policy, strategy and military perspectives of cyber defence and security. This is undoubtedly thanks to the amount of high-quality original academic research …

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