Hacker Hotshots Web Show

January 2021 Cohort

We manage a Cybersecurity Web Show called “Hacker Hotshots”; something we’ve done since 2012! We ask CISO’s and CXO of Cybersecurity Companies to present their solutions. We refer to our speakers as “Hacker Hotshots”.

Our January 2021 cohort of Hacker Hotshot is a fascinating bunch.

Aside from CyberSaint and Anitian, all our speakers are representing companies from Israel – a nation that continues to blaze a path for pioneering Cybersecurity advancement.

There is a similar yet distinct difference between each of the companies that are represented in our January 2021 Hacker Hotshots Cohort and we’d encourage you to learn more about them.

We’d like to extend a huge thank you for those that took part and encourage you to learn more about these amazing Cybersecurity Vendors.

Cybersecurity CompanyCategory (“Specialization”)
BrandshieldBrand Reputation, Brand Phishing Prevention, Scams
Cobwebs TechnologiesAI-Powered Web Intelligence (WEBINT) Solutions
PayGilantFraudulent Payment-Solution Detection Services
AllotA SECaaS Cybersecurity Leader
CyberSaintCyber Risk Management Specialists
AnitianCloud Security & Compliance


Learn how BrandShield’s brand protection & online phishing technology scans the web internet to detect & remove scams related to social media fraud and much more

Itai Galmor

Cobwebs Technologies

Cobwebs Technologies is a global leader in WEBINT (Web Intelligence). Their innovative solutions are tailored to operational needs of law enforcement, national security agencies and the private sector, identifying threats with just one click.

Udi Levy


Learn the amazing sophistication behind Paygilant’s solution to detect and prevent fraudulent activities. Their technologies is wholly immersed on mobile platforms.

Asa Zaidman


Learn how Allot secures 5G networks from DDoS attacks (as well as other threats). Their solutions also offer defenses for IoT devices.

Michael Schachter


“How the Global 500 are Transforming Cyber Risk Management in the Digital Age”

Steve Torino


Learn How Anitian Manages Cloud Security & Compliance

John Vecchi