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Revolutionizing cybersecurity for Business & Personal AppGuard is a revolutionary new approach to prevent breaches from threats that traditional anti-virus software is not equipped to face, including fileless malware, botnets, polymorphic malware, weaponized documents, targeted attacks, in-memory attacks, ransomware, phishing, watering-holes, drive-by-downloads, and other undetectable advanced threats. It automatically and dynamically stops an attack at its initial stages and beyond without requiring detection of the attack, disrupting the user experience, or degrading system performance. It generates valuable Indicators of Attack (IOA) alerts without a compromise occurring. AppGuard is compatible with all Windows versions from XP to 10, standard and custom applications, and typical system maintenance tools, and supports Windows Server 2008 R2 and above. Stop a breach before an attack detonates.


Company Mission ("Tagline"): Dynamic Policy Enforcement

Industry Classification: Computer, Cybersecurity & Network Security

Cybersecurity Specializations: Cybersecurity, Computer Security, IT Security, Network Security, and Mobile Security

Address/Location: 14120 Parke Long Court, Suite 103, Chantilly, VA 20151, United States
This oganization might be multinational; we list their HQ.

Company Size: 51-200 employees

Year of Incorporation: 2010 (estimate)

Main Website: AppGuard

AppGuard Employment Info: AppGuard Careers

(Our Estimate) Funding (2021): US$ 30M
This is our estimate, might need updating.

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