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Founded In: 2018
21 - 100
Lake Mary, Florida
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Digital Executive Protection, Online Fraud Prevention, Identity Theft Protection, Executive Cybersecurity, Online Privacy

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Executives, high-profile and high-net-worth individuals, and their families benefit from BlackCloak’s digital executive security.

Attacking an individual’s online privacy, home networks, and personal devices in order to circumvent enterprise security controls and move laterally into an organization’s digital infrastructure, or to commit cybercrime, online fraud, reputational damage, and identity theft, is now a common concern for CISOs, executives, and those with wealth and status.

The attack surface has grown. Executives and high-profile persons are increasingly being targeted in their personal digital lives by cybercriminals. As we embrace technology and grow more connected, the question is not whether you will be a target, but when. Your online existence poses cybersecurity dangers to your finances, reputation, and identity. The dangers are too enormous to ignore.

BlackCloak protects your online privacy, personal devices, and home networks at all times and from any location. BlackCloak protects clients from targeted cyber assaults, identity theft, online financial fraud, and other digital dangers as a SaaS-based platform with white-glove concierge assistance. Furthermore, our mobile and desktop applications allow you to monitor activities in real time, and client assistance is only a few clicks away.

To protect you and your family, a skilled team and a customised strategy for each device, person, and house are required. BlackCloak protects your personal online privacy and cybersecurity by combining superior anti-malware technology, incident response, and network intrusion detection technologies with 24/7 threat monitoring and concierge service.