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Company Strapline: CYBERShark #SOC-as-a-Service, Detect, Inspect, and Respond..

Founded In: 1999
51-200 employees
9 West Broad Street, Stamford, CT 06902, United States

Core Competencies

Cloud Security Solutions, Security Information, Event Management (SIEM), Security Business Enablement, Log Management, Compliance Solutions for MSP's, Security as a Service, Cybersecurity

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Company Description

BlackStratus is a leading provider of cloud-based security information and event management (SIEM) software solutions deployed and operated by ‘​’Security as a Service’​’​ (SECaaS) providers of all sizes, government agencies, and individual enterprises. This Cybersecurity company’s SIEM Storm technology is used by organizations worldwide to detect, prevent and defend against both major and minor IT security breaches from the endpoint to the data center, to the ‘​’Cloud.’​’​ The SIEM Storm technology delivers a correlated and centralized, real-time view of alerts, status messages and a variety of security events generated by disparate third-party security products (such as firewalls, anti-virus products, intrusion detection software, etc.), allowing security professionals to identify and stop potential threats in real-time. Specifically, their technology allows their SECaaS partners to sell multiple types of cloud-based security services to their customers, including security event analysis and notifications about real-time threats to the customer’s IT infrastructure, in addition to providing continuous and secure logging of all of their customer’s security event data for compliance and audit purposes. Choose a security management system designed to work with the world’s leading managed service providers and enterprises.

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