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Company Strapline: Adaptive Cyber Security & Data Loss Prevention Solutions.

Founded In: 1982
201-500 employees
Theale, Nr. Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom

Core Competencies

Data Loss Prevention, Anti-malware, Email Security, Anti-spam, Web Security, Office 365 Security, Cloud Security, Advanced Threat Protection, Information Governance, Document Security, Endpoint Protection, Endpoint DLP, Adaptive DLP, Compliance, GDPR, Securing Office 365, Support Services, Cybersecurity Training, Securing Social Media, Aneesya Platform, Secure Archiving, ARgon for Email, ICAP Gateway, Email Gateway, Web Gateway, Exchange Gateway

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Company Description

Why Clearswift? Clearswift is trusted by the government, defense, and financial organizations around the globe to prevent cyber threats and protect critical information. Its Adaptive cybersecurity and Data Loss Prevention solutions provide an unparalleled layer of inspection, sanitization, and threat prevention, enabling secure collaboration across email, web, endpoint, and cloud applications. What makes Clearswift unique? Embedded deep at the core of its products is a robust Deep Content Inspection (DCI) engine that inspects information flowing in and out of the network, identifies risks, and applies the appropriate levels of security actions. The DCI engine will deconstruct a document or file, remove information that breaks policy (rules), then reassemble the contents and continue it safely on its way, minimizing the impact on the business. New Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology and anti-steganography features keep Clearswift ahead of the curve in detecting threats based on digital image files. Cybersecurity products Whether it’s to assist secure email, the web, the cloud, Office 365, or the endpoint, Clearswift solutions offer an unparalleled level of content threat protection for businesses operating in the critical infrastructure space. The product suite includes: SECURE Email Gateway, SECURE Exchange Gateway, SECURE Web Gateway, SECURE ICAP Gateway, Argon for Email, Secure Archiving, Email Encryption, Endpoint DLP, Information Governance Server, The products can be deployed as standalone solutions, as a fully-integrated suite – the Aneesya Platform – or be used to enhance existing systems in place, whether on-premise or in a cloud-based email platform such as Microsoft Office 365 or Gmail. Clearswift around the globe, Clearswift operates from offices in Europe, Australia, Japan, and the United States, enabling it to offer its clients a ‘follow-the-sun’ level of support.

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