Cobwebs Technologies

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Company Strapline: AI-Powered Web Intelligence Solutions.

Founded In: 2015
51-200 employees
New York

Core Competencies

Web Intelligence, WEBINT, Fraud Investigations, Artificial Intelligence, Government, Intelligence, OSINT, Security

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Company Description

Hacker Hotshot Show with Udi Levy

We’re delighted to welcome Udi Levy from Cobwebs Technologies onto the show. Cobwebs Technologies does a bunch of pretty awesome things. Their solutions help clients to analyze and predict upcoming threats. Central in their defensive approach is accessing and actioning OSINT, Open Source Intelligence. Designed by intelligence and Cybersecurity professionals the team helps clients by collecting and analyzing data from various open-source feeds that include the surface web, social media, and the deep and dark web. Domains they cover include Law-Enforcement, Government-Agencies (National Security), the private sector such as financial institutions as well as corporate enterprise clients. Cobwebs Technologies is a global leader in developing and implementing AI-powered Web Intelligence (WEBINT) solutions. Cobwebs innovative and cutting-edge systems are tailored to fit the operational needs of both national security agencies and the private sector. The latest increase in social media platform usage, coupled with the easy access to open and Deep Web sources has resulted in significant growth in illegal activities over the internet. AI-Powered Webint is an advanced new way of harnessing technology in the form of extracting intelligence from big data. It enables agencies to efficiently separate the wheat from the chaff within minimal time. Cobwebs Technologies’ solutions pinpoint web relations, criminal activities, and terrorist threats with a click of a button.

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