Compass Security

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Company Strapline: Pentesting, Ethical Hacking, Hacking-Lab, Red Teaming, 24/7 Incident Response.

Founded In: 1999
51-200 employees
Jona, SG

Core Competencies

Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing, Security Reviews, Security Trainings, Secure File Transfer, Read Teaming, Digital Forensics, Incident Response, Hacking-Lab Cyber Range, Secure Data Excahnge, Cyber Education, Recruiting, Cyber Skills Assessment, CTF Events

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Company Description

Compass Security has been a leader in the prevention and investigation of cyber attacks since 1999. With currently 60 employees in Switzerland, Germany, and Canada, the group offers cybersecurity services and solutions. Their team of analysts specializes in penetration tests, red teaming, incident response, and digital forensics. Their services enable its clients to improve the security of their data and system and are at your side in the event of security incidents 24/7 with coordination and clarification. The training and further education of security specialists are very important to us. With the Hacking-Lab Cyber ​​Range, they develop and operate an online platform used worldwide, on which both they and their clients impart knowledge and practical skills relating to actual attack and analysis techniques. The platform is also used very successfully for assessment (for example recruitment) and international Capture the Flat (CTF) events. With the FileBox Solution, Compass Security offers a solution for the secure exchange (sending and receiving) of documents and data. It is easy to use and has a high-security standard, and all data is hosted in Switzerland (or at the customer’s). Compass Security aims to always be the “Leading Edge”. The focus is on their employees with their knowledge and skills. Your research results and analyzes regularly gain international recognition both in the IT security community and at major security conferences (for example BlackHat Las Vegas, Nullcon India, etc.)

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