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Founded In: 2018
11-50 employees
4340 Stevens Creek Blvd, Ste 112, San Jose, California 95129, United States

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Ask any CIO about corporate data and they’ll happily share all the work they’ve done to make their databases secure and compliant. Ask them about other sensitive information, like contracts, financial documents, and source code, and you’ll probably get a much less confident response. Few organizations have any insight into business-critical information stored in unstructured data. There was a time when that didn’t matter. Those days are gone. Unstructured data is now accessible, copious, and dispersed, and it includes an alarming amount of business-critical information. It’s a target for both cybercriminals and regulators but securing it is incredibly difficult. It’s the data challenge of their generation. Existing approaches aren’t doing the job. Keyword searches produce a bewildering array of possibly relevant documents that may or may not be business-critical. Asking users to categorize documents requires extensive training and constant vigilance to make sure users are doing their part. What’s needed is an autonomous solution that can find and assess risk so their clients are able to secure your unstructured data wherever it lives.

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