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Company Strapline: The Convercent Ethics Cloud Platform connects ethics to business performance..

Founded In: 2012
51-200 employees
Denver, Colorado, United States
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Compliance Management, Ethics, Culture, GRC, Integrated SaaS, Whistleblower Hotline, Case Management, Policy Management, Learning Management Software, Compliance Tracking, Disclosure Management, Risk Management, Corporate Compliance, Ethics, Compliance

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As the leading global provider of ethics and compliance cloud software, Convercent connects ethics to business performance by weaving ethics and values into everyday operations in over 600 of the world’s largest companies. Its Ethics Cloud Platform offers a suite of applications: Convercent Insights, Convercent assistline, Convercent Campaigns, Convercent Disclosures, and Convercent Interactive Code of Conduct, that gives executives insights required to make proactive, informed decisions about their company’s ethical health. Convercent clients include Microsoft, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Capgemini, and Under Armour who care deeply about driving ethics to the center of their organizations.

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