Cyber Observer

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Company Strapline: For CISOs & InfoSec Managers, delivers end-to-end real-time cybersecurity posture & awareness in a single-pane-of-glass.

Founded In: 2012
11-50 employees
10 Shakham St., Caesarea, Israel 3088900, IL

Core Competencies

EARLY BREACHES DETECTION, Cybersecurity Awareness, Cybersecurity Orchestration, Real-time Security, Real-time Monitoring, Critical Security Controls, Cybersecurity management

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Company Description

Cyber Observer is an end-to-end cybersecurity posture & awareness management solution that continuously monitors and delivers comprehensive and critical awareness in real-time. Designed for CISOs and senior InfoSec managers, such as CIOs, C-level managers, risk officers, SOC managers, and IT infrastructure personnel, Cyber Observer empowers leadership with a unified single-pane-of-glass of the entire cybersecurity ecosystem. This enables an organization to easily identify weaknesses, reducing detection times, preventing breaches, and advancing organizational cybersecurity posture and maturity. Cyber Observer can be deployed in an organization’s network in a matter of hours to provide clients with: Configuration implementation status (features, updates, etc.) based on critical awareness and best practices. Live security status (rules, policies, etc.) based on critical awareness and best practices. Alerts on deviation from normal behavior in terms of the firewall’s implementation and effectiveness. Continuous monitoring of relevant security issues in real-time.

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