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Company Strapline: We are a leading cybersecurity company, developed CYREBRO, the first online Security Operations Platform, next-gen SOC..

Founded In: 2013
51-200 employees
Tel Aviv

Core Competencies

Cybersecurity Cyber Intelligence, Forensics, APT, Audit, Cyber Training, Security Operation Center, Cyber assessments, IT security assessment, Hacking Simulation, Managed cyber services

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Company Description

CyberHat is a leading cybersecurity company dedicated to providing professional cybersecurity solutions to clients of all sizes. CyberHat’s pioneering solutions are designed, executed, and maintained by elite Israeli cybersecurity experts, including expert white hat hackers, defenders, and state-level investigators with experience in the national and corporate arenas. CyberHat’s experience includes deep cybersecurity forensic and post-mortem investigations, advanced hacking simulations, and hands-on cyber assessments. From small and medium-sized businesses to Fortune 500 companies, CyberHat professionals protect the systems of financial services, retailers, telecoms, energy, and infrastructure organizations around the globe. CYREBRO, CyberHat’s Managed Security Operation Center (SOC), offers the ability to make smart, fast, effective decisions based on centralized information and visibility on your organization’s network. This Cybersecurity company’s teams monitor and detect suspicious activity in real-time. Through their pioneering methodologies, technology integration, and smart automation, they manage the overwhelming security logs and reduce the workload on understaffed teams, enabling increased productivity and a stronger security presence. CYREBRO offers a cohesive cybersecurity platform for organizations looking to maximize their cybersecurity capabilities. Developed by CyberHat, a leading cybersecurity firm, CYREBRO is a managed Security Operation Center solution composed of industry-leading analysts. These experts monitor and optimize your defenses and respond to cyber-threats to provide you a fully managed cybersecurity operation.

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