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Company Strapline: Cybersecurity in sight.

Founded In: 2007
2-10 employees
Springfield, Virginia, United States

Core Competencies

Vulnerability Assessment, Compliance, Penetration Testing, Security Incident Event Management, Network Assessment, Software Development, Attack Surface Analysis, Security Operations, Security Engineering, SecOps, SecEng, Threat Hunting, Threat Intel

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Company Description

You can’t fight what you can’t see, and that is the central philosophy behind CLAW by CybernetIQ – a true single pane of glass to visualize the corporate enterprise attack surface. Built by security operators, for security operators, CLAW combines the full stack of cybersecurity investments that each organization uses to build its defenses. Consolidating the tools and tradecraft drawn from across the OT, IOT, and IT sectors, teams can see across the full cyber-battlefield to dramatically frame the understanding of the actual situation and model the network for the whole SecOps team. From threat hunters to incident responders, all infosec members have their part, to play on the platform. Drawing together the senior resources that make up the core team through to the junior getting their wings in the cybersecurity trade, they believe that CLAW is a true force multiplier. Organizations that have strong SecOps and SecEng groups will get the most out of their platform as they finally can pinpoint the flaws and suggest fixes. Teams that struggle with understanding the basics will have an unfair competitive advantage.

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