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Company Strapline: Helping fleet operators gain visibility, cybersecurity and cyber compliance of systems onboard vessels.

Founded In: 2016
11-50 employees

Core Competencies

Shipping cybersecurity, Maritime cybersecurity, Critical national infrastructure cybersecurity, Network security monitoring, Endpoint security monitoring, Security incident, event management, Cybersecurity advisory services, Critical national infrastructure, IoT security, IIoT security, OT security, ICS / SCADA security, Decision sciences, Security intelligence, Cyber threat Analysis

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Company Description

CyberOwl assists asset operators in the maritime and critical national infrastructure sectors to gain visibility, cybersecurity, and cyber compliance of systems on their distributed, remote assets. This cybersecurity company offers technologies, a managed service, and specific cybersecurity advisory services to support the asset operator. This Cybersecurity company’s technologies provide near-real-time visibility of the behaviors of assets and their communication patterns. They are deployed to identify and inventory assets on the IT and OT networks of these operational platforms. They detect and raise early warnings of cyber attack tactics, techniques, and procedures; identify anomalous and suspicious activity; and monitor for non-compliance with cybersecurity policies. These are delivered through a modular, distributed architecture that is optimized for environments facing the challenges of intermittent connectivity, bandwidth constraints, and the need for remote management. This Cybersecurity company’s managed service offers assurance and support to asset operators with any level of cyber expertise. This tech company supports security operations through alert verification, triaging, and providing guidance on appropriate cyber incident response actions. CyberOwl was shortlisted for the Lloyds Science of Risk Prize, selected into the first GCHQ Cyber Accelerator Programme, and is part of the UK Government’s center of excellence for cybersecurity innovation theLondon Office for Rapid Cybersecurity Advancement (LORCA).

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