Cybersafe Solutions

Vital Statistics



Founded In: 2010 (estimate)
11-50 employees
Jericho, New York, United States

Core Competencies

Threat Hunting, Threat Monitoring (Network, Endpoint Security Monitoring), Threat Training (Security Awareness Training, Simulated Phishing Tests), Threat Forensics (Digital Forensics, Incident Response), Threat Policies, Managed Detection Response, Containment, Network Security Monitoring, Endpoint Security Monitoring, Threat Hunting, Compromise Assessment, Investigations, Incident Response, Security Awareness Training, Simulated Phishing Tests, Penetration Testing, Risk Assessments, Security Policy Development, Dark Web Monitoring, HIPAA Compliance Cybersecurity

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Company Description

Cybersafe Solutions was designed from the ground up to assist organizations across multiple industries to defend against modern-day cyber-attacks. This Cybersecurity company’s firm takes a proactive approach to your endpoint & network cybersecurity by focusing on people, processes, and technologies to deliver their “Defense-In-Depth” cyber protection model. This cybersecurity company believes there is no single solution or silver bullet that will prevent adversaries from compromising your business network. The Defense-In-Depth approach utilizes a bespoke cycle of risk assessments, prevention, continuous monitoring, detection, and rapid incident response to minimize the probability and severity of any future cyber incident. Cybersafe Solutions was built to safeguard your business systems. Cybersafe Solutions follows industry best practices by prioritizing and implementing security controls. From their state of the art Security Operations Center (SOC). Their experienced cybersecurity analysts are resourced to counter the ever-changing cyber threat landscape to safeguard your business network in real-time, 24-7-365.

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