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Silicon Valley
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CybSafe measures and tracks security behavior to improve security controls and awareness activities.


Company Mission ("Tagline"): Understand people. Prevent security incidents.

Industry Classification: Computer (Cybersecurity) Software

Cybersecurity Specializations: Cybersecurity, GCT, E-learning, Software, Information Assurance, Information Security, Behaviour Change, Culture Change, Assured Learning, Training, Security Awareness, Cyber Risk Management, Behavioural Science, Data Analytics, Metrics, Psychology, Cyber Risk, #awareness, #behaviour, and #culture

Address/Location: One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, London E14 5AB, United Kingdom
This oganization might be multinational; we list their HQ.

Company Size: 11-50 employees

Year of Incorporation: 2010 (estimate)

Main Website: CybSafe

(Our Estimate) Funding (2021): US$ 4.5M
This is our estimate, might need updating.

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