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Company Strapline: Unraveling Cyber Risks and Threats for a Safer Society. #DecodingThreats.

Founded In: 2017
11-50 employees
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Cybersecurity Cyber Intelligence, Threat Visibility, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cyber Automation, Cyber Orchestration

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Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, CYFIRMA’s proprietary analytics platform delivers real-time insights into emerging cyber threats, attack motives, and methods—customized to your industry and IT environment. This cybersecurity company applies accurate, predictive cyber intelligence across all aspects of your organization’s decision-making for unparalleled protection: STRATEGIC INTELLIGENCE: Optimize resource allocation and risk-management initiatives by understanding the threat actors most likely to target you. MANAGEMENT INTELLIGENCE: Supercharge your response to cyber threats by integrating insights on threat actors’ campaigns, attack mechanisms, and tools into internal processes. TACTICAL INTELLIGENCE: Safeguard your cyber posture by blocking known malware signatures, malicious domains, command and control centers, and indicators of compromise.

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