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Company Strapline: Secure Your Future Growth.

Founded In: 2018
Level 39, One Canada Square, London, E14 5AB
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Cyber Maturity Assessment, Cyber Security Health Check, Cloud Security Risk Assessment, Cyber Security Threat Assessment, GDPR Gap Analysis, ISO 27001 Gap Analysis, PCI DSS Gap Analysis, Cyber Security Strategy, Enterprise Security Architecture, Cyber Security Transformation, GDPR Data Flow Mapping, ISO 27001 Consulting, Cyber Essentials Consulting, Cloud Security Consulting, Cyber Security Program Management, Cyber Security Project Management, Cyber Security Awareness Training, Data Privacy Training, Cyber Security Managed Service, Managed SOC, Managed SIEM, Virtual CISO UK, Virtual DPO, Virtual Security Manager, Web Application Penetration Testing, External Network Penetration Testing, Internal Network Penetration Testing, Mobile Application Penetration Testing, Physical Penetration Testing, Wifi Penetration Testing, Social Engineering Penetration Testing, Red Team Exercise, Simulated Phishing Attack.

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CyPro specialises in helping small-to-medium sized businesses achieve a step-change in their security maturity to prepare them for increased audit and regulatory requirements as they grow.

They feel there is a better way to handle cyber security at CyPro. Not frightening and chaotic, but calm and deliberate. They stay focused on your unique cyber dangers rather than the fear-mongering that surrounds your business.

They will help you adopt the most appropriate cyber security solutions for your organization by keeping the proper dangers in mind. Solutions that are focused, cost-effective, and keep your threat exposure to a minimum.

Clients that follow their methodical approach can rest certain that their digital assets are secure, allowing them to concentrate their time and resources on building their companies.

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