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Company Strapline: Cyber Risk Quantification.

Founded In: 2012
11-50 employees

Core Competencies

Automated Cyber Risk Officer, Cyber Risk Quantification, Cyber Insurance, 3rd Party Cyber Risk Management

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Company Description

Cytegic’s Automated cyber risk Officer (ACRO) platform is an end-to-end automated cyber risk quantification system that correlates external strategic intelligence with internal defensive readiness to provide risk scores, financial impact analysis, and remediation recommendations. management. Cyber Insurance the cyber risk quantification capabilities allow insurance companies to automate and manage the entire cyber insurance process, from risk assessment to underwriting, to policy renewal. This includes portfolio analysis and advanced financial impact calculations. Consulting firms by using ACRO, consulting firms can save up to 60% of the time and effort spent on manual processes in cyber risk assessment projects. The platform allows consulting firms to increase client stickiness, perform multiple projects simultaneously, and provide actionable insights tailored to their customers. 3rd Party Cyber Risk large organizations can use the platform to automate and manage 3rd party cyber risk assessments to multitudes of vendors. By validating defense capabilities with internal technical sources, the system offers the organization with a true analysis of the inherent risk their vendor poses, and not just based on external, zero-touch, hygiene checks.

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