Vital Statistics


Company Strapline: We help teams continuously optimize from drill to mill. Exceed your production goals with our software..

Founded In: 2016
11-50 employees
Vancouver, BC

Core Competencies

Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, IoT Sensors, Mining Technology Solutions, Cloud Computing, Drill, Blast Planning Solutions, Reducing Ore Dilution, Intelligent Mining, Improving Fragmentation, Next-Bench-Down predictions, smart mining, Azure, grade engineering, optimization, digital solutions, ore characterization, machine learning, geology, geomodeling, increasing production, mining analytics

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Company Description

The company believes radical ideas can be seamlessly implemented to radically improve operations. This Cybersecurity company’s technology comes from experts in data analytics, Machine Learning geology, and mining engineering. This cybersecurity company hails from seven nations (and counting) and has extensive knowledge of mining operations worldwide.

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