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Company Strapline: Real Time Bot Protection - The #1 SaaS solution for e-commerce and classified ads businesses.

Founded In: 2015
11-50 employees
New York

Core Competencies

Bot detection, Adfraud protection, WebScraping protection, Hacking protection, Online fraud protection, Bot protection, Cyber threats protection

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DataDome is the #1 SaaS bot protection solution for e-commerce and classifieds businesses. DataDome offers real-time AI protection against all OWASP automated threats, including credential stuffing, layer 7 DDoS attacks, SQL injection & intensive scraping. The solution deploys in minutes on any web infrastructure, without changing the existing architecture. It runs anywhere, in any cloud, and is compatible with multi-cloud and multi-CDN setups. DataDome runs on autopilot and takes care of all unwanted traffic so its users don’t have to. They remain in full control and can monitor detection and customize responses, thanks to the industry’s most comprehensive dashboard. DataDome’s cybersecurity technology protects 10 000+ eCommerce and Classifieds domains from all over the world, including TripAdvisor, Rakuten, Kurt Geiger, ClassMates, BlaBlaCar, and Adevinta.

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