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Company Strapline: Safeguarding Civilization.

Founded In: 2016
201-500 employees
Hanover, Maryland, United States
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Industrial Cybersecurity, Incident Response, ICS Cybersecurity, Industrial Cybersecurity Software, ICS Threat Intelligence, Cyber Threat Intelligence, SaaS, OT Cybersecurity Technology

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Dragos, is an industrial cybersecurity company focused on some of the community’s hardest problems. The ecosystem their team has built is specifically tailored for industrial environments such as those found in industrial control systems (ICS), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Distributed Control System (DCS), and Operational Technology (OT) environments. This Cybersecurity Company’s software platform and services help operators protect infrastructure sites such as electric power sites, water utilities, oil refineries, gas pipelines, manufacturing, data centers, rail, mining, and more. The Dragos team exists to safeguard civilization.

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