Ekran System

Vital Statistics


Company Strapline: Universal insider threat protection platform aimed at increasing infrastructure visibility and managing access.

Founded In: 2013
11-50 employees
260 Newport Center Drive Suite 425, Newport Beach, CA 92660, United States

Core Competencies

Insider threat management, User-based risk detection, Enterprise security, Employee monitoring, Contractor monitoring, Internal visibility

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Company Description

Ekran System is a universal insider threat protection platform. This cybersecurity company proudly meets the security needs of enterprises and Fortune 500 customers, government organizations, educational and public institutions, as well as small and medium businesses. A Mach37 cybersecurity accelerator finalist, Ekran is backed by them and European investors and trusted by business clients worldwide. Ekran System combines three essential insider security controls: activity monitoring, access management, and identity management. Functionality is provided in a single universal software platform delivering light-weight agents for all types of endpoints. Ekran System monitoring and session recording functionality is based on an advanced screen video recording module enhanced with multi-layer indexing metadata that includes application names, visited URLs, opened files, typed commands, run script content, keystrokes, connected devices, and more details. The product detection capabilities include a smart alert system with optional automated incident response tools. Identity and access management capabilities include full-powered PASM, one-time passwords, multi-factor authentication, and other tools. Ekran System supports per-endpoint and jumps server deployments as well as any hybrid scheme. This tech company is positioned to be mentioned in the Special Publication 1800-18C by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (U.S. Department of Commerce), a How-To guide for Privileged Account Management for the Financial Services Sector. Build your insider threat program with Ekran System!,

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