Enigma Digital

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Company Strapline: We specialise in the design, development and manufacturing of innovative data recovery solutions for iOS devices..

Founded In: 2011
11-50 employees
111F The Big Peg, 120 Vyse Street, Birmingham, United Kingdom B18 6NB, United Kingdom

Core Competencies

SmartPhone Data Recovery, iOS data recovery, Android data recovery, Downloadable ESD​ software, Consumer focused experience, Data Recovery, Data Management

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Company Description

Enigma Digital is a leading global provider of mobile data management and security solutions for smart device users. With a strong focus on desktop software and mobile applications, their products are used to recover, view, and manage data on some of today’s most popular devices. Using cutting-edge forensic database recovery methods, they offer data recovery solutions for Smartphones, Tablets, and Phablets. All software packages employ a powerful, yet very simple, consumer-led user interface. This Cybersecurity company’s solutions allow users to recover information from their devices, which for the consumer-facing industry ie. MNO, MVNO, and mobile retailers are not currently possible. The mass majority of the public believe data recovery from Smart devices such as smartphones and tablets is only available to law enforcement and government security agencies. Unlike many cloud-based back-ups and restore solutions, their software products do not need to be installed before the data loss. Instead, they are designed to recover lost and deleted data straight from the device in question. The majority of generic backup and restore cloud-based solutions do not offer products to recover deleted data. Enigma Recovery solutions offer incredibly pioneering and innovative propositions.

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