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Company Strapline: Ermes protects companies against Web threats using Artificial Intelligence.

Founded In: 2017
11-50 employees
Corso Bernardino Telesio, 29, Torino, Piem. 10146, IT, Italy

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When surfing the web, individuals browse through pages looking for information and services that can be accessed “for free”. They pay them by selling their data to shadowing services that collect information about individuals and use big data technologies to monetize it. Unfortunately, there are no proper means to supervise the services individuals contact and the information they exchange on the web. This security task is challenging due to the complexity of the web services, of the tangled technologies, and even to the adoption of encryption, which makes in-network security solutions ineffective. The implications are serious, from an end-user unwillingly exposing private information, to a company being unable to control the flow of information leaked to the outside globe. Ermes offers companies the tools to monitor and protect the flow of sensitive data their employees exposed to the Web during their browsing, offering real-time protection from the exfiltration of sensitive information caused by Web trackers.

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