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FirmGuardian is a high growth cyber-defense company with experience in the Medical, Legal, and Financial fields, focusing on Incident Response, Vulnerability Analysis, Penetration Testing, Endpoint Management, and cybersecurity training services for businesses of all sizes. This cybersecurity company features military and government-grade skills and tests that have been implemented against the strongest threats. This tech company knows that the threats to your legal practice, medical center, and business are all too real and immediate; They are prepared to assist you defend against attacks of all kinds. With their experience and skills on your side, their clients are able to focus on what is most important to you: your company and your clients. This company will quickly assess your firm’s cyber-footprint, will identify potential vulnerabilities in your system and with your staff, and will work with you to shore up your defenses to safeguard against hacking, phishing, and social engineering attacks.


Company Mission ("Tagline"): FirmGuardian is a managed security services provider, focusing on security monitoring, risk management, and IR solutions

Industry Classification: Computer, Cybersecurity & Network Security

Cybersecurity Specializations: Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Social Engineering, Network Security Testing, Threat Analysis, Competitor Threat Testing, Incident Response, Security Training, Phishing, Endpoint Management, MSSP, Security, vCIO, Security Consulting, and Compliance

Address/Location: Madison, WI, United States
This oganization might be multinational; we list their HQ.

Company Size: 11-50 employees

Year of Incorporation: 2016

Main Website: FirmGuardian

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