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Company Strapline: Leading Cybersecurity Ahead.

Founded In: 2019
1040 Hamilton Street Suite 305
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Application, Cloud, DevSecOps as a Service, Application Security Design, Baseline, Application Security DLC, CI/CD adoption, Co-Managed Application Security, Automate, Manual Code Analysis

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Forward’s highly accomplished team delivers Cybersecurity solutions with a focus on application and cloud security to mid-sized organizations in the Finance, Health, E-commerce, and Technology/SaaS sectors. Their services range from security risk assessment and pentesting, to DevSecOps and training, delivered by a team who has experience with some of the world’s largest organizations such as HSBC, Intel, HP, and Motorola all way to medium-sized enterprises and even local start-ups. The team works closely with their client’s teams to ensure a successful solution is in place and tackle security using a systematic approach, leveraging standards-based and repeatable processes.

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