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Company Strapline: Prevention and investigation of high-tech crimes and online fraud.

Founded In: 2003
501-1,000 employees
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Threat Intelligence, Anti-fraud, Incident Response, Digital Forensics, Brand Protection, Security Assessment, Network Defense, Incident Response, Threat Detection, Compromise Assessment, Anti-Piracy, Cyber Investigations, Red Teaming, Digital Forensics, Security Assessment, Threat Hunting

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Group-IB is a Singapore-based provider of solutions aimed at the detection and prevention of cyberattacks and online fraud. This cybersecurity company also specializes in high-profile cyber investigations and IP protection services. Group-IB’s Threat Intelligence system has been named one of the best in a class by Gartner, Forrester, and IDC, while its Threat Detection System has been recognized as one of the leaders in Network Detection and Response. Group-IB’s technological leadership is built on the company’s 17 years of hands-on experience in cybercrime investigations around the world and 60 000 hours of cybersecurity incident response accumulated in one of the biggest forensic laboratories and around-the-clock center providing a rapid response to cyber incidents—CERT-GIB. Group-IB is a partner of INTERPOL, Europol, and has been recommended by the OSCE as a cybersecurity solutions provider. Group-IB’s experience, threat hunting & intelligence have been fused into an ecosystem of highly sophisticated software and hardware solutions designed to monitor, identify, and prevent cyber threats. This Cybersecurity company’s mission is to safeguard clients in cyberspace using innovative products and services.

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