HackImpact International

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Founded In: 2010
201-500 employees
Tel Aviv

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Company Description

PRIMARY SERVICE AREAS: Digital Defense Contracting, High-Tech Cyber Intelligence, Surveillance and Cyveillance, and Lawful Interception, etc. for [Military, Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Government, State Police, Top-Secret Defense Agencies, Defense Ministries and Armed Forces]. [MORE INFORMATION CLASSIFIED] SPECIALIZED SERVICE AREAS: Military/Government Extreme Secured Networks, Campus Network, Social Secure Network Solutions, Corporate IT Security Awareness Training, ISMS Audits, Vulnerability Assessments, High-Tech Penetration Tests, Blackhat Extreme Security Audits, Secure Code Auditing, Digital & Cyber-Crime/Fraud Forensics Investigations, Covert Attacks, Malware & Malcode Forensics, Universal Data Recovery, Incident/Threats Handling & Management, Reverse Engineering & Ethical Hacking, Cryptography & Cryptanalysis, Secure Communication, Voice, Data, Video Transmission & Secure Messaging, FOSS Extreme Security Solutions. SUPPLEMENTARY SERVICE AREAS: Consulting Services, Enterprise/Corporate High Performance/Secure Networking, Cyber/Computer Crime Law & Software/Digital Media (Copyright/Patent) Intellectual Property Law, Business Continuity Planning (BCP) & Disaster Recovery (DR), Information Security Risk Management & Assessment, IT Security Project Management, Business GAP Analysis & Impact Analysis (BIA), Business Intelligence & Anti-Competitive Business Intelligence, Business Process Re-Engineering, Secure Information Systems & Change Management, Digital Assets Tracking & Digital Rights Management (DRM), Document Digitize, Archive & Management, e-HRM/ERP, IT/Info-Sec Governance, Workspace Relationship Management, Ergonomic/Human Factors Analysis, Anti-Social Engineering, Physical, Natural Disaster, National Critical Infrastructure Security, Best Business/Technology Practices & ISMS, Software, Database, Web Security Concepts (Secure Coding), Localization (Customized) IT/IT Security Policies, Procedures, Controls, Guideline & Global Compliance.

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