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Built upon the TowerSec acquisition, HARMAN Automotive Cybersecurity is a full-service global business unit that has deep experience in traditional IT security and embedded security, as well as several years of pioneering work in automotive cybersecurity. This cybersecurity company has ongoing relationships with leading OEMs, Tier 1 automotive suppliers, and integrators in Europe, them, and APAC. For a list of open positions, visit With a workforce of some 30,000 automotive professionals across the Americas, Europe, and Asia, HARMAN designs and engineers connected products and solutions for automakers, consumers, and enterprises worldwide. HARMAN’s broad-array of cutting-edge products includes digital cockpit systems, Remote Vehicle Updating over-the-air (OTA) solutions, audio products, SHIELD Cybersecurity solutions, and IoT services. In March 2017, HARMAN became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics HARMAN SHIELD is the most comprehensive Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solution (IDPS) to detect, manage, mitigate and respond to cyber-attacks on connected and autonomous vehicles, keeping vehicles safe and protected. HARMAN SHIELD for Connected Cars offers full visibility to possible harmful activities and detection of in-vehicle cyber threats. It includes a means to assess and investigate those threats and has the capabilities to report, respond, and mitigate the threats in real-time. The solution consists of leading building blocks to provide a modular scalable architecture. In November 2017, HARMAN has announced the launch of the International cybersecurity Smart Mobility Analysis and Research Test (SMART) Range in Israel, in cooperation with Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. HARMAN has been an active member of industry institutions such as Auto-ISAC, SAE/ISO, Jaspar, and others – working to enhance cybersecurity awareness, design, and deployment across the global automotive industry.


Industry Classification: Automotive & Transportation

Cybersecurity Specializations: Automotive, Cybersecurity, Connected Car, ADAS, Telmatics, and Dashboard

Address/Location: Hod Hasharon, Hasharon, United States
This oganization might be multinational; we list their HQ.

Company Size: 10,001+ employees

Year of Incorporation: 2012

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