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Founded In: 2009
51-200 employees
Longwood, Florida, United States
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Fraud Management, Payment Solutions

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ID Global Solutions Corporation, ID Global Solutions Corporation (IDGS) is a public company that was started in 2009 to pioneer key innovative approaches for the development, integration, and delivery of advanced digital identification solutions. ID Global is physically located in Longwood, Florida, USA. The company’s footprint includes offices and public and private sector clients in North America, EMEA, South America, and Africa. IDGS’s Security Solutions consists of Identity Verification solutions for Financial Services Organizations (IDComplete) and Governments (ID Solutions). ID Complete offers a secure method enabling the ability to approve or decline transactions in real-time. ID Complete can be deployed on Open Payment Networks, Closed Payment Networks, and in for Applications to out of band transaction security. The company’s ID Solutions portfolio offers civilian centric software and hardware products for National ID, Voter Registration, Elections, Law Enforcement, Border Control, and Immigration Services. IDGS’s Payment Solutions for Financial Inclusion portfolio includes MultiPay, OnePay, and PaySpot for emerging markets. MultiPay offers end-to-end payment transaction processing technology. OnePay is a closed payment solution creating a secure digital currency enabled by their mobile applications (including IDComplete) and backend systems to support consumers, merchants, and Issuers in emerging markets. PaySpot is an unattended multi-functional payment collection, top-up, and payment processing kiosk solution.

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