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Company Strapline: Secure Messaging Platform (Send - Receive - Secure).

Founded In: 2010 (estimate)
51-200 employees
Hasivim 18, Petah Tikva, Petah Tikva 213546, IL

Core Competencies

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Company Description

InfoBay is a Secure messaging platform specifically designed to securely safeguard highly sensitive transmitted data. InfoBay offers organizations with critical protection against cyber threats and allows them the freedom to send and distribute information easily secure from data leakage. The system integrates seamlessly with existing security software, including data loss prevention (DLP), anti-malware, digital signature services, and more. InfoBay offers a wide range of modules that can be mixed and matched according to each organization’s needs. When installed in combination with the platform, InfoBay’s modules provide an overall, integrated solution for secure messaging that will enable the organization to face the business and security challenges ahead. InfoBay is in wide-scale use by businesses and organizations from varied market segments including finance, insurance, government, and healthcare. IInfoBay is a KC’s line of products a Malam team group company

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