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Intel is working relentlessly to unleash the potential of data, leading to more capable and efficient networks, and pervasive AI across smart devices. Moore’s Law set the pace for the digital revolution and continues to inspire us today.

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Mobility in the Cloud

With Speaker: Steve Orrin

September 5th, 2012

Experienced CTO and Entrepreneur. Concentration on security and security related topics & technologies as well as federal and enterprise business challenges. Have founded 2 ISV Start-ups and brought them through productization and customer delivery. Have taken a development stage security companies through acquisition. Regular speaker on Security, Privacy, Data Science and applications, and technology innovation topics.

Specialties: Cybersecurity, PKI, Cloud Security and Trusted Clouds, Virtualization Security, Malware and Botnet Detection, Cryptography, Web Services/SOA/Web 2.0, XML Threats, Steganography, Legacy Applications, Mainframe Architecture, Technology Startup Process, Secure Development Process and Best Practices, Federal engagements, and use cases, mission and enterprise systems security.