Vital Statistics


Company Strapline: Data Security for the Internet of Things.

Founded In: 2015
2-10 employees
Aizlewood's Mill, Nursery Street, Shefield, South Yorkshire S3 8GG, United Kingdom

Core Competencies

IoT, Platform, Encryption, Authentication, Cybersecurity Device Technology, Communication, Cloud, SaaS, PaaS, IoT, Low Power, Smart Device, Device Security, Secure by Design, GCHQ, LORCA, DCMS

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Company Description

Introducing Ioetec they connect IoT devices to authorized users securely, so the data is secure and the device is safe to use. Ioetec supports virtually any type of device including low power, encompassing most common communication methods with no expertise required to embed. This cybersecurity company does this via a pioneering cloud-based, fully automated multi-layer encryption & authentication cybersecurity subscription solution that handles data safely and securely, for a device-agnostic, ‘true end to end’​, secure Internet of Things. With Ioetec on-board, you don’t need to be an IoT security expert to be secure. Ioetec has developed a ‘true’​ end-to-end cloud-based solution that will manage your low power, low resource, edge node sensor data from actual source to the authorized end-user on any GUI. This Cybersecurity company’s solution handles securely; Communications Encryption & Authentication Key Management Data Storage Dynamic Capacity Response Time. Looking to link to if you represent one of the following, Edge node device and sensor developers, manufacturers, Multiple device/sensor users (x100/1000/100,000/1,000,000), IoT & cybersecurity specialists IoT early-stage investors. Ioetec is a GCHQ Alumni Company, Ioetec is a LORCA cybersecurity advancement company.

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